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If the initials SYTYCD mean nothing to you, then move along. I won’t be offended (just this once).

As for the rest of you fellow So You Think You Can Dance Addicts … well, our season is now coming to an end.

Here’s what I’ll miss:

  • Brandon’s dancing. That boy is an absolute machine. I mean, really! He has not missed one step the entire show — completely flawless technically and performance-level too. Just a pleasure to watch.
  • Mia Michaels choreography. It’s always bound to be a great dance when you hear her name behind it.
  • Jeanine keeps getting better and better each show, so I’ll miss not seeing her progress. (Plus, she has curves! So rare in a dancer and a beauty to behold.)
  • The group dances. They’re always a treat (except that Bring in the Clowns one — booooring.)
  • Nigel and Mary’s flirty looks and side-talk — am I missing something? I didn’t notice anything between them in past seasons. I kinda like it though.

What I won’t miss:

  • The wierd over-enunciating, suck-up talk going on between all the choreographers. Let them do choreo; don’t let them speak.
  • Brandon trying to be modest. I know he has to appear humble and all to garner votes, but it’s a bad acting job. (Not that I blame him, mind you. He is an extremely talented dancer. He knows it. Big deal.)
  • Nigel’s “sly” references to the female dancers on their sexy outfits. Yes, senior citizens have a right to a healthy sex life but the vast age difference between he and these 20-year-old girls makes him come off like a “dirty old man” stereotype. 
  • Evan. He reminds me of that guy in high school who everyone knew had a crush on you and he’d look over at you with doe-eyes and you’d just feel…yuck. It was all just awkward and you just wanted it to all go away.

And then there is the big question mark: who will win?

The Final Four

The Final Four

I’ll put my money on Jeanine. You?


  1. My money’s on Jeanine as well. Of course, the best part of the season ending is that the next season starts very soon. No more waiting a long year before seeing it again.

  2. I’m so with you (except about Evan). Nigel went too far last night when he said something about wanting to do the same things with Jeannine, and about wanting the “layers” dance to continue as if wanting the girls to remove more clothing. Gross.

    Anyway, I will miss this group. Funny though, each year at the end it feels like saying goodbye to a group of friends and each year a new bunch comes in. I start the season thinking there’s nobody I can connect with and then end up falling in love through the language of dance. As for Jeanine? That is one cool chickie. Apart from being rapt when she dances, I just want to buy her a beer and have some laughs. Of all the finalists, she seems the most genuiune. I hope she takes it all.

  3. A SYTYCD post from the person who can’t deal with the triviality and shallowness of Twilight?

    Besides, Idol is way better.


  4. I love this show too…

    I still don’t get Jeanine. I think she’s a good dancer… but I don’t think she’s all that. Agreed on Evan. He’ll end up working the cruise ship circuit hitting on passengers. As for Brandon… oh my… I will miss him. I could watch him (and Janette) all day.

    The Canadian show starts Tuesday. New season Sept. 2 — can’t wait.

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