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Bloggers on Daytime Ottawa

Derick Fage, host of Daytime Ottawa, and I in the green room.

Just in case you weren't aware, I wanted to let you know that I'm almost famous now. Yeah, that's right. You see, I had my first TV appearance yesterday and I'm certain Hollywood will be calling tomorrow. But seriously ... for a gal who has never been on a TV set, it was a really fun opportunity and I was excited to see how it would all work. Let me back up. Marilou from Twenty York Street, a fashion blog based in the heart of Ottawa's … [Read more...]

Pronouns Seem Kinda Antiquated, Don’t They?

This 48-year-old Australian, who identifies as neuter and uses only a first name, is the first person in the state to be neither man nor woman in the eyes of the NSW government. (Read more:

It's a touch dusty around here. I know ... I know ... my stupid New Year's Resolution is totally interfering with my "me time" (i.e. blog time). I need to put in an extra hour of walking in at night to be able to hit those 8,000 to 10,000 steps. And then afterwards, I have a spurt of adrenaline that is nice but not nice enough to provide me with any creative writing juice that will keep me up past my bed time. Yet once I get into bed, I end up … [Read more...]

The Terra20 Store: My Personal Assistant for Avoiding Greenwashing

@ecoholicnation and @coffeewithjulie

On Friday night, I watched a very interesting episode of CBC's Marketplace. In this season premiere, the show examined products that purported to be "green." You know the kind ... you see them everywhere nowadays -- the label includes something green or has been re-branded with a beige colour and includes words such as "natural," "non-toxic," and "biodegradable." I'm sure I've been duped countless times by these products because I want to do my … [Read more...]

It’s a Long Weekend, Friends. Don’t be a Twit.

Relax, and love the ones you're with. And, also? Don't be a twit. Or let others be twits. Actually, whatever. You can be a twit this long weekend if you want. Just don't come to my place if that's in your plans. For a giggle, watch this video too. (Warning: Lots of cursing, not good viewing for kids or the office.) … [Read more...]

I Used to Really Love Advertisements

This might sound strange, but I used to really love advertisements. Advertisements can provide an amazing creative outlet for "ideas people" -- it's rare to get so much creative freedom and budget combined. As a kid, I would watch all the ads during television shows and admire all the ads in my favourite magazines. Now, as an adult, I work (indirectly) with advertising. But I have to admit that, these days, I tend to skip over television ads … [Read more...]

Dear Grammys: What message are you sending?


Dear Grammys, I'm not sure what message you're trying to send. But I can tell you what message I received from your show last night. For all the young and impressionable young people watching the Grammy's yesterday, one thing was made clear: If you can dance and sing, we're willing to turn a blind eye. Well, at least if you're a man. Dancing and singing trumps all, people. Chris Brown, who in 2009, was brought in on criminal charges (and … [Read more...]

“Month of Me” post #07: Why yes, I am at another blogging conference


"Month of Me" is a little ol' wild and crazy concept: In October, the month I celebrate my 40th birthday, I will do a whole slew of things that I love. Just because. You can read the kick-off post here.  Okay, so I'm back in Toronto. Again. For a blogging conference. Again. I know ... to most of you, this just sounds coo-coo! And I certainly don't blame you for thinking that. But hey, it's my month and I do love me some bloggers and some … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Real Estate Junkie (and a giveaway for the National Home Show!)

When I was a kid, I can distinctly remember being in the car on a weekend afternoon, usually in the spring, and asking my parents "What are we doing -- why are we driving around like this?" And the response of "Oh, we're just looking around at these neighbourhoods" never ceased to perplex me. I'd ask "Are we moving?" But, no, we weren't moving, we were just looking. Now, I am following in my parents mother's (let's face it, my father was … [Read more...]

Commercials are bad for my mental health

Lately, I have found myself watching commercials more consciously. And it seems that pretty much everything about me is simply not good enough -- not my skin, my body shape, the way my house smells, or even my own role in my family. This constant barrage of criticism can't be good for my mental health, can it? Even though I can intellectually reject it, messages can still creep into my subconscious. And if it's not good for my mental … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Former Gleek (part 2)


In the first season of Glee, I found that Will (aka Mr. Shuester) shared many of my feelings of lingering doubt … Why did I never chase my dreams? What might have happened had I actually auditioned all those years ago? Now, let me tell you, I did not relish the thought of being like Mr. Shuester. Quite the contrary. He seemed like a loser. A wanna-be who just never made it ... [please click here to continue reading!] You won't want to miss … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Former Gleek (part 1)


I get an uncomfortable mix of emotions when I watch certain things. A ballet performance. A theatrical play. And the hit television series Glee. I imagine other former gleeks take pleasure in watching these things. But me? It teases out raw, bittersweet feelings... [please click to read more] … [Read more...]

Are you a Gleek?

You know your television show is a smash hit when its fans give themselves a name! Gleeks looooovvvee the show Glee! And it's easy to see why ... music, dancing, twisted humour -- that's a gold star combo in my books! It's returning tomorrow night! According to Fox Broadcasting, at 9:28/8:28c. (Strange time, but hey, it's a strange show.) If you missed last season, this recap video will catch you right up to speed. You can also watch full … [Read more...]

Just sing!

My toddler Max is a funny little fellow. Lately he walks around all day humming songs out loud. I guess he is actually singing, but to us it sounds like humming because he doesn't actually use real words. He just loves -- LOVES -- songs. So, if he is feeling a bit grouchy, or if you are changing his diaper and he is not impressed about having to lay still, all you need to do is start singing a song. Immediately, he is captivated. So last … [Read more...]

I’m still thinking about hyper-parenting

Hyper-parenting. You might remember that a little while back, I wrote a post sparked by the CBC documentary Hyper Parents and Coddled Kids. And I'm still thinking about it. The whole concept of hyper-parenting is never really far from my mind, actually. It's something that I consciously, actively want to avoid doing to my children. And yet, it seems we live in a world where hyper-parenting is almost becoming the norm. Or at least that's how I … [Read more...]

Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids

Did you catch this CBC documentary yesterday? I got a heads-up from Ann Douglas' blog at that it was coming and I was intrigued. In her review, Douglas concludes that this "hyper-parenting" phenomenon is largely a thing of the past: The documentary is worth watching, if only as a reminder of where we've been and how far we've come in rejecting the consumerist parenting style that views parents as manufacturers and kids as … [Read more...]

Glee-ful reminder!


Don't forget -- there's something good on the tube tonight! Check out Glee. It premieres tonight on Fox at 9/8c. Edited at 10:05 pm to add: Did you like the premiere as much as the pilot? When I watched the pilot, it seemed so fresh, so hilarious. But the premiere, not so much. … [Read more...]

Don't stop believin'!

I'd given up television. On the one hand, we have the serial dramas. But I just don't think it's good for a person's psyche to become immune to watching murders in slow-motion, detailed autopsies and horrific abuse of children night after night after night after night after night. Okay, you get my drift. On the other hand, we have reality-television serials. I've noticed a slew of new ones added to the stock standards of "American … [Read more...]

I blame Dora

The 'Rough Dog' Pinata

Although I like to blame Dora the Explorer for my daughter's pinata fascination, the truth is that it's become a bit of a cherished tradition around here. It all started on her fourth birthday (yes, that time when all children exposed to a shouting girl in a jungle become madly infatuated and start learning Spanish at amazing speed). We were in Australia at the time and the only thing that Stella requested for her birthday celebration was a … [Read more...]


The Final Four

If the initials SYTYCD mean nothing to you, then move along. I won't be offended (just this once). As for the rest of you fellow So You Think You Can Dance Addicts ... well, our season is now coming to an end. Here's what I'll miss: Brandon's dancing. That boy is an absolute machine. I mean, really! He has not missed one step the entire show -- completely flawless technically and performance-level too. Just a pleasure to watch. Mia Michaels … [Read more...]