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PLAYtime (for parents AND kids!) + an Ottawa giveaway


If you are a parent, let me ask you this: When was the last time you went to see live theatre? (Do I hear *crickets*??) Yeah, I thought maybe that was the case. Because that is pretty much the case over in this household. Actually ... correct that: I DO manage to catch some wonderful theatre, but I rarely ever manage to do so with my husband. Instead, I take along a girlfriend and hubby stays home with the kids. We have just never really … [Read more...]

A Saturday Night in O-town

seafood pad thai

Stop #1: Anna Fine Thai Cuisine Where: 91 Holland Avenue (Parkdale market area of Ottawa) What: Super-yummy Thai food with great service. My Mom had the seafood Pad Thai and I had the Dinner for One, which came with soup and a selection of tasters including ginger fried veggies and red chicken curry (see how cool the dishes are! and even better? it was a lazy-susan style platter. Life doesn't get better than this!) Cost: $6 for a white wine, … [Read more...]

Recipe for a Wonderful Evening


1. Call up a good, true friend that you haven't seen lately because the mundate elements in life keep stealing all your time. 2. With only one day's notice, ask that she join you for an evening out. 3. As you step into the car pulled up at your driveway, you can already feel that the mad rush to get dinner and homework completed early was worth it. 4. Darkness starts to set-in fully as you drive from your outskirt homes to the city, all … [Read more...]

Winner of the GCTC tickets!

I was so pleased to see the interest in blood.claat -- a unique and fabulously performed piece -- playing at the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC)! I entered everyone's name into to come up with a winner's name (and no, Kaitlin, you weren't too late!) and the winner is: STEPHAN. Congrats! I am sure you'll have a wonderful night out. I will be in touch with you directly to organize the details. If you are still planning on … [Read more...]

Destructive cycles (+ ticket giveaway to blood.claat, a play @ Ottawa’s GCTC)

She's a 15 year-old kid in a school uniform. And she's just given birth to a baby conceived through violence.  That is her story. But it's also the story of her mother. And her grandmother before that. This is a cycle that's fairly common in Jamaica, according to a 2006 Unicef report: Approximately 20% of births are given by adolescents. In other words a child gives birth to a child in one out of 5 births. Had all teenage pregnancies been … [Read more...]