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That itchy feeling

I've got this really strong itchy feeling again. I wondered if perhaps it was the weather. But then I searched through my blog archives to see the date on the last time I wrote about this and it was May -- spring. So, no, I don't think I can blame the oncoming winter. (Even though I really do want to blame it. Just because I don't like it.) Then last night, I happened to read an article on this very subject. Titled 'When life goes U-shaped," … [Read more...]

On feeling itchy

On Friday night, I went to a neighbour's vernissage. (I like using this word "vernissage" because it makes me seem all cultured-up, doesn't it? Okay maybe not. But I still like it! I used it with my brother on the weekend, but he didn't seem half as impressed as I was. "Verni-what? What word are you using?") Um. Where was I? Ah yes, I was at a vernissage. Which is the opening of an art exhibit and it's the fun part because the artist is there … [Read more...]

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