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Cutting the Cable Brought Us Closer Together


So, I don't think I've told you yet that we cut our cable. Yep, we did it. It actually felt a bit uncomfortable to do it since the last time I didn't have cable television was when I was a broke student. But the monthly bill for cable adds up, and we weren't really watching that much. A few people we know had already taken the plunge and assured us we wouldn't regret it. And we certainly haven't. We cancelled our cable service in June (it made … [Read more...]

Target Stores Open in Ottawa: What’s All the Buzz About?


I was long overdue to finally have a coffee with The Maven of Mayhem. We decided today was the day. And I decided, "Hey, maybe we could check out the new Target store opening up in our neighbourhood while we're at it?" … [Read more...]

I Never Thought I Would Say This: Britney Spears and I Have Something in Common

Britney Spears making a funny face

This is crazy. But apparently Britney Spears and I have something in common. Unfortunately, it's not her insane wealth, nor her bikini-worthy body. (Although fortunately it's not her bad taste in men or suppliers of hair extensions.) What I've noticed lately is that when it comes to Britney, what people are talking about is this: That she makes funny faces. I never thought that much of them. But if you google "Britney Spears + … [Read more...]