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A muffin-making virgin no longer.

Last week, I got all inspired by my copy of The Looneyspoons Collection (TLC) and made muffins. For the first time. Ever.

Please don’t ask how I got this far in life without having made muffins because then I’d have to admit to you all the other things that I’ve never cooked or baked. It’s a long list.

I was actually going to make a cookie recipe because it had fewer ingredients (and therefore seemed less intimidating), but Stella, my nine-year-old, has chosen to give up cookies for Lent and her self-discipline has been really impressive. To be more specific, I made Bananaberry Bombs. You are supposed to use blueberries, but instead I used raspberries and they still turned out delicious! The whole dozen were devoured within less than 24 hours (and I only ate one of them!).

There are some great advantages to making your own muffins. First of all, a blueberry muffin at Starbucks has 500 calories, whereas these muffins have 183 calories. That is a BIG difference! Plus, even the most homemade-ish looking muffins at the grocery store have ingredients that I can’t pronounce, whereas these ones are all whole foods including wheat germ and oats.

It took me less than an hour from start to finish, including cooking time and dishes. But I am a total amateur, and I was also trying to amuse and then put my three-young-old son Max to bed at the same time. I think that more regular bakers could get this done way quicker. And next time, I will make a double batch for sure!

Since it was my first time and since I am a blogger, I documented the whole momentous occasion.


My confidence in the kitchen soared so much after making these muffins that I made the family dinner the next night. It’s true! It was another TLC recipe — an Asian-inspired beef stir fry. Everyone in the family LOVED it (okay, not Max, but he doesn’t like any foods that are mixed together!) and proclaimed that it was a keeper too. So, I’m on a roll people!

Want to win your own copy of TLC? I’m giving one away and you still have until Thursday to enter! Just click here for details. 


  1. they look really yummy!  (and i hear the first time is usually not that great!)


  2. Congrats! these look fabulous and crazy yummy!

  3. I love these muffins too! I’ll have to try them with different berries for a switch. Next time you have to try the pumpkin spice recipe- the best muffins I have ever made. They are like candy around here. Whooosh, they’re gone! 

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