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The Halloween Re-Cap 2014


This year, in contrast to last year (where the jack-o-lantern was left as “untitled”), Hubby and I felt remarkably prepared for Halloween. Three jack-o-lanterns had been carved a whole night in advance, while costumes had been sorted out almost a whole week in advance.

I took Stella to Target, where we happily bumped into one of my brothers and his two kids, and we hunted around for a costume that appealed to her. In the end, she found a wig in the adult costumes that called out to her mightily! It was a unicorn wig — pink and white long curls of hair, with a unicorn horn poking out the front and two little silver ears as well.

As for Max, well, he is Minecraft-crazed these days. So, a Steve costume was created on the weekend. He and Hubby doctored up some cardboard and pulled out the paint. The result was terrific!


So here you can see ‘Steve’ and I ready to head out trick-or-treating. And look what’s in my hand! (It’s that no-spill cup I received when I saw Newsies in NYC. I am still hoping the NAC is going to introduce these soon. And yes, of course, I have herbal tea in it.)

Naturally, he’s not the only Minecraft-obsessed six-year-old around. He and his little buddy went out together. Here are Steve and Creeper.


But something big changed this year. A milestone in this mama’s mind. Stella went off on her own with three friends to trick-or-treat. When I started this blog, she was six years old … and just a little tiny thing. Now, so many years have whizzed by and she’s a pre-teen in junior high school. So, yeah, this happened:


That’s the backs of four happy kids with a little freedom. (And strict check-in times!) I might have gotten a little misty. Just saying.

But I still had the pleasure of joining the circus show of more than a dozen kids (mostly boys) and Max running from house to house. Except Max thought the running was a little unnecessary after a while, and instead chose to hang back with two beautiful little princesses who had a pace he preferred. I imagine that’s the same company I might see him with when he chooses to trick-or-treat without me in a few years too.

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  1. awesomeness all around!!

    this was our first year that our boys (13,10) went out together without me tagging along!! It was GREAT!!!! and I got to hand out candy for the first time which I loved :)

  2. Hey Julie!
    Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful Halloween this year!
    I wish I would have found that unicorn wig for my younger daughter as she loves unicorns and would have gotten a kick out of this item.
    As for letting go, I am in the same ship as you. It is hard for me to loosen the reigns where my newly minted teen is concerned. I know I have to let go and let her be a teen, yet she also does follow the rules we give her so she can have a bit more space from us.

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