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The Halloween Re-Cap 2014


This year, in contrast to last year (where the jack-o-lantern was left as "untitled"), Hubby and I felt remarkably prepared for Halloween. Three jack-o-lanterns had been carved a whole night in advance, while costumes had been sorted out almost a whole week in advance. I took Stella to Target, where we happily bumped into one of my brothers and his two kids, and we hunted around for a costume that appealed to her. In the end, she found a wig … [Read more...]

A Rainy Day at Saunders Farm

@coffeewithjulie Saunders Farm

Saunders Farm is a bit of an "must do" experience in these parts. While our family almost always makes a visit during the Christmas season to pick a tree, the Fall Festival is actually the Farm's most popular time of year. This festival has been running for 21 years and during this season Saunders Farms has up to 165 employees on board to help make it happen. Despite the rainy day, we made the drive out to Saunders Farm yesterday and met up … [Read more...]

A man in a uniform

fire chief

There's an old saying that a woman simply can't resist a man in a uniform. And I'd have to agree ... especially when that "man" is two years old!  ;) … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!


Hubby and Stella have crafted up three jack-o-laterns for tomorrow night. While past years' pumpkins have featured dinosaurs, Webkinzs and Pokemons, this year's current favourite creature is The Angler Fish. … [Read more...]