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Who wears short-shorts?

                                                                                                                                          Do you dare wear short-shorts?

If you’re my age and can pull off short-shorts, all the power to you.

If you’re a young woman with long tanned legs you want to show off, all the power to you.

But please — let’s not dress our young girls in short-shorts.

{click here to see why I’m such a prude about short-shorts! It’s my new post on the Life As A Human e-zine}


  1. One of my twitter friends (@attitlathemum119) just shared this excellent article with me. Summarizes the issues perfectly.

  2. hey Julie,

    I have a friend who was just complaining about the exact same thing re. her 8 year old daughter. she mentined she found some decent-length shots for girls at Old Navy… may be worth checking out!

    and that Disney Princess video seriously cracked me up!


  3. this whole debate frustrates me.
    i am the mom of a leggy 10 year old. she loves fashion, as they do at this age, and i encourage her creativity and sense of style…but even at her age, she knows the difference between acceptable and not.

    it is totally the responsibility of the parents on this topic. if you do not buy these clothes for your kids, they can not wear them. period.

    once they are teens and making their own money, then it becomes a bit of a trickier issue…but at 7? 9? 11? you, as the parent, still get final say on what your kid looks like as they leave the house.

    and more importantly? you are the one who has to guide them into understanding WHY you make choices on how to look a certain way. we do. it is not hard, the kids get it, and everyone is better off. trust me, at 10 and 11, they know what trashy is.

    now if we can just get all the parents on board, we will be cooking.

  4. Ricochay says:

    As a society, we have about 10 years to orchestrate the installation of Mennonite Chic into popular culture without being discovered. This, before my daughter turns 12. Who’s coming with me?!

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