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Bootcamp Experience, Part 3: Multi-tasking is good for you

As I mentioned in my “Itchy” post, I’m going to focus on making time for my friendships. The rationale for this completely selfish; I get a lot out of even just small bursts of girlfriend time.

But it is hard to squeeze time out of already-overloaded days and exhausted bodies. So, I’m multi-tasking!

There really is no other way to fit in both exercise and friend-time, so I managed to convince my good friend Mandy* to sign-up for Booty Boot Camp with me. (In fact, I didn’t even have to try hard to convince her. She even agreed to come to a location closer to my home. That just goes to show you what a great friend she is!)

On the first night, we’re waiting outside the doors of the gym for the class before us to end. Under her breath, Mandy says, “I’m nervous.” I took a scan of the room; it looked like she wasn’t the only nervous one, I assured her. Then she said, “There’s no fatties here.” Although I didn’t like her implication (that she was a lone “fattie” in the class), I took another scan of the room and agreed, “Nope, no fatties. But there’s some chubbies just like us, so don’t worry.”

In reality, though, she had a point. The vast majority of the women in the class looked fantastic and very few people looked like they had any kind of “weight issues.” Many of the women were also quite a bit younger than us. But, like a good friend, I showed her no fear.


Lots of panting, interspersed with some moaning and a few moments where I came close to hurling my cookies.


At the end of our first session, with faces beet red, Mandy gave me a congratulatory hug. We had survived! And although it did feel good, we worried that walking might be difficult the next day.

Stay tuned to see how this 4-week boot camp experience fares! You can also read Part 1 and Part 2.

* name changed to protect the innocent


  1. I’m with you on girlfriend time. I find it energizing. Maybe I need to switch to your session because I’m not really finding my bootycamp that hard! Maybe I’m in better shape than I thought? I hope I still see results!

  2. Hi Vicky!

    You’re not finding it that hard? I think even a very fit person would find our sessions pretty challenging.

    For instance, last class we did a round of rep stations. One station was 50 reps of situps, next was 50 reps of pushups, another 50 squats, etc. So, if you are like me, you do as many as you can and then take a break until you finally get your 50 done. But if you are fit, you do the full 50 in a row and keep moving quickly to the next station.

    I have to say, that out of everything in the program so far, I am most impressed with our instructor Lauri. She is really top-notch.

    As for results … I don’t know how much I’ll see for myself. I haven’t been as discplined at home with the DVD and the diet as I am in a class with someone pushing me along!


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