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Five resolutions for 2011

I certainly don’t need any new resolutions to keep for the year ahead because I am finding it hard to keep the ones I’ve already made! They are:

1. Make time for girlfriend time

This is a resolution I made back in a post on November 9, 2010. At that time, I called it a “small change” but it is remarkably difficult to maintain since my girlfriends and I have all generally have young families and jobs. But I will keep at it! For example, yesterday evening, my bestest buddy J came over with her family and we simply hung out and ordered-in pizza and yet, it was one of the best nights I’ve had in ages. It really filled up my happiness cup, so to speak.

2. Get fit and stay fit

This is something I’ve been trying to do for ages. Or at least, I “say” I’m going to try and do it. Like making time for girlfriends, it’s really about time management and not worrying about perfection — just doing it. In addition to actually forcing myself to choose this activity over ones that I naturally gravitate to like reading (and napping) of course. I’m looking forward to Booty Boot Camp starting up again in the first week of January. My girlfriend has also signed up again too and it will be great to get that adrenaline going once more.  

3. Learn to enjoy winter

Last year, on December 4, 2009, I kicked off a winter resolution series where I would do my darnest to try and learn to enjoy winter. This is a resolution that I will definitely need to keep working at. But it will certainly involve cross-country skiing and hot chocolate no doubt!

But I am also going to add two new resolutions to the mix. They are:

4. Give myself the gift of anticipation

I wrote of giving my children the gift of anticipation in the year ahead, but I also think I need this for myself too. One thing that seems to really have an effect on my level of happiness is if I have something to look forward to … you know, something more than going to the office every day and doing the dishes every night! For me, that’s a trip. My hubby is very much like me in this way and is always planning his next outdoor adventure. So I am going to pull a page out of his book and take a solo trip this February. (I promise to tell you more later!)

5. Say “yes” more

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while too. For example, if my daughter asks if I want to play a board game, I want to try to immediately say “yes” — not “maybe later,” or “Mommy’s tired tonight,” or “I’ve got too much to do.” Even if all those things are true, they can not be more true than a child’s wish to spend time with her parent. I also see this relating directly to many of my other resolutions too since just the other day I said “no thanks” to a cross-country ski trip instead of “yes.” I want to try and say “yes” much more than I do now.

So I am going to focus on these five resolutions and see if I can keep making progress with them. I may even pull out a “resolutions chart” a la Gretchen Rubin and The Happiness Project.

How about you … are you declaring any resolutions? Do any of mine sound like yours? What do you hope 2011 holds for you?


  1. At the risk of sounding flakey, I am big believe in the power of words.

    I say don’t “try” to work-out more. Workout more.
    I think Yoda was right, do or do not, there is no try.

  2. Hey Julz. YOurs sound good. I might make them mine. Happy New Year. xx :)

  3. I loved your resolutions, and I think they are pretty realistic! As for coming to visit me – I think that takes care of resolution 1, 4 and 5 (I can be considered a girlfriend, right!?). And the #5 makes me laugh – did you ever see the movie “The Yes Man” with Jim Carey? Pretty funny and all about saying YES!

  4. @Nat – I love your comment. Words ARE powerful (I have to believe that at least, being a writer and all 😉

    @Ali – Miss you heaps.

    @Megs – does this mean we’re not going to work out when I visit you?? I thought that was our daily plan 😉

  5. Ah, resolutions. Okay, I’ll jump in:
    1) To eat better — not to lose weight particularly but to eat better food. More veggies, less packaged stuff. This will require some forethought on my part since I don’t gravitate towards food prep. But it’s time. My body needs better fuel and my son needs a better role model.
    2) To spend time listening to my husband talk about his work. He is like a kid on Christmas when he’s talking about a new deal or a client or some new board he’s sitting on — it’s fun to watch. I don’t need to have the same level of interest, just an interest in him. And I find when I do, we are closer.
    3) To be a more patient parent. This is the ongoing goal. So, despite my firm belief that T is going through a very challenging time (for him and for me), I think he needs me to be firm and supportive not impatient and immature. My being petulant that he’s being a brat doesn’t help either of us. So, I set this as my goal this year.

    And hey, if by some miracle, we get a family vacation this year, you wouldn’t hear me complaining. :-)

    • I really like your resolutions, Trish. I too find food prep and patience to be extremely challenging!! And would particularly like to improve my patience.

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