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4 Ingredients — episode 5

fish sheet

Looking for an easy recipe that requires hardly any ingredients and prep time? Look no further than my 4 Ingredients episodes*! Looking to see how Julie expands her cooking repertoire and amazes her family with new tastes? Er, uh ... I have to admit that this is a bit of a cheater episode. For a few reasons. One of which is that this recipe has more than 4 ingredients. I thought the ingredients looked pretty basic, and the prep time was … [Read more...]

4 Ingredients — episode 3

Ah, wondering why I've tried another recipe so soon after the last one? I know, it's out of character but hubby's away. And while hubby's away, this wife must cook. Well, okay, not really -- he did leave two meals for me in the freezer. And I admit to ordering in pizza last night. But tonight, those chicken breasts sitting in the fridge gave me the guilts. As in, "if you don't cook me tonight, you're throwing good money into the garbage!" So, … [Read more...]

4 Ingredients

The only thing that Julie from the movie Julie and Julia and I share is a name. I have never lived in New York City (although I certainly would if opportunity afforded it), I am not a newly wed (we're clocking 13 years over in this corner), and perhaps most critically, I do not enjoy cooking. I just don't understand how people love to cook. It's sort of how I just can't understand how people love to go running. It's not that I wouldn't want to … [Read more...]