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Birthday Anticipation

Birthday Anticipation

  Birthday anticipation ... can you remember that feeling? That the days could not come fast enough until you'd wake up and it would be your birthday. YOUR birthday. A special day all for you. You would be one year older on that important ladder of years. 3, 4, 5 ... oh, and then to hit the double digit of 10! Or even more exciting perhaps was to hit 13 and be, officially, a teenager. Now, another year is just another year. They are … [Read more...]

This Year’s Pinata: A Flying Dragon


On Friday, Stella turned nine years old. And in keeping with the birthday traditions around here, a piñata was a usual must. While last year, the angler fish was the creature of choice, the mighty dragon is this year's. Stella's favourite is the Chinese Lung Dragon, which looks like this:   Time and materials were in short supply this morning before the full extended family were going to descend upon the house this afternoon for a … [Read more...]