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A Pokemon Birthday Party Was Had

pikachu pokemon cupcakes

Pokemons infiltrated our household in 2008. A very cute, and slightly older boy introduced them to Stella when she was five years old and she was hooked. Line and sinker, people! From Pokemon pinatas to complete Pokemon bedroom decor, apparently some people just do not tire of these creatures. And now, just when we thought they were slowing fading away, they have returned back into the house -- all over the house! -- in full force. It seems … [Read more...]

Birthday Anticipation

Birthday Anticipation

  Birthday anticipation ... can you remember that feeling? That the days could not come fast enough until you'd wake up and it would be your birthday. YOUR birthday. A special day all for you. You would be one year older on that important ladder of years. 3, 4, 5 ... oh, and then to hit the double digit of 10! Or even more exciting perhaps was to hit 13 and be, officially, a teenager. Now, another year is just another year. They are … [Read more...]

Even brain surgeons must find children’s birthday party planning stressful

If you don’t have children, the title of this blog post may seem unreasonable. But, here, a true story courtesy of my friend J. J: Did I tell you about C’s birthday party?? Me: No, what? J: Well, it got really complicated because there are 20 children in his class and we didn’t want to leave anyone out, but 20 … well, we weren’t going to have 20 children at the party. Me: I hear you. I would never have 20 kids over to my house. J: … [Read more...]