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I’m in love with a gay man


I've tried to get him out of my head. But I just can't. It's been months now that I have gone to bed, and then allowed myself the luxury of letting my thoughts drift off towards him and his life. Sure, my husband thinks I am going to bed earlier than usual, but hey, winter's here and it makes a girl tired. The thing is ... he's gay. I'm spending hours upon hours loving someone who will never love me back. I know, I'm surely not the only … [Read more...]

When you are engulfed in flames

"Engulfed in flames" -- don't you love it? I think it sums up life pretty well these days. Between pulling very long hours at work and doing night shifts comforting sick children, I  have the luxury of worrying about H1N1; the vaccine conundrum; having to carry my 40lb baby down our steep back steps and through my neighbours' yards just to get out of my house due to the entire front street being dug up; getting the phone line ressurected after … [Read more...]

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