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In my arms

Each morning, early, you tumble into our bedroom. You do a long route around to the far side of the bed, and stand for a moment waiting. Waiting for me to raise my arm, to welcome you in under the covers. I don't need to open my eyes. I can feel you there; I can feel you looking at me. This, almost more than anything, makes me feel like a mother. You are a big boy. I know that big boys won't want to do this forever. Your sister could never lie … [Read more...]

Monday Moments: Change

This blog post was prompted by Capital Mom and her "Monday Moments" project. This Monday's theme is "change." By the time I was nine I had lived in three different provinces and spent a year overseas. These were exciting, positive years. And I think that’s why the word change is ingrained in me as an exciting and positive thing. As child, I didn't have any control over these changes. And most research will tell that change is easier when … [Read more...]