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A Pokemon Birthday Party Was Had

pikachu pokemon cupcakes

Pokemons infiltrated our household in 2008. A very cute, and slightly older boy introduced them to Stella when she was five years old and she was hooked. Line and sinker, people! From Pokemon pinatas to complete Pokemon bedroom decor, apparently some people just do not tire of these creatures. And now, just when we thought they were slowing fading away, they have returned back into the house -- all over the house! -- in full force. It seems … [Read more...]

Used bed sheets

small note

I never thought I'd see the day where I would buy used bed sheets. Yes, you read that right -- used, as in second-hand. I'm trying to rationalize this act right now. I mean, any time I sleep in a hotel room, I'm sleeping on used sheets, right? I know what you're thinking. That in this day and age of Zellers, Winners and Walmart, there is really no reason for resorting to buying used sheets. A fancy designer stroller, sure. But sheets, … [Read more...]

I blame Dora

The 'Rough Dog' Pinata

Although I like to blame Dora the Explorer for my daughter's pinata fascination, the truth is that it's become a bit of a cherished tradition around here. It all started on her fourth birthday (yes, that time when all children exposed to a shouting girl in a jungle become madly infatuated and start learning Spanish at amazing speed). We were in Australia at the time and the only thing that Stella requested for her birthday celebration was a … [Read more...]