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An Ode to a Teacher

If you live in Ontario, you still have a few days left to submit a nomination to the Premier's Teaching Awards for Excellence. Just being nominated means the world for a hard-working teacher! Below is my nomination and a public shout-out to a special teacher in our daughter's life. Please feel free to use my comments section to share your thoughts or memories of teachers that have made an impact in your life or the lives of your children. … [Read more...]

The Teacher's Gift


In past years I've struggled with the obligatory thank-you gift for my daughter's teachers. I say "obligatory" not because I don't feel genuine gratitude for the work and passion that my daughter's teachers bring to the classroom every day, but rather because of the sense that a gift is a form of standard etiquette. And I don't want to be the set of parents (i.e. the mother) who hasn't followed etiquette. (Why I even care about etiquette is a … [Read more...]