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Please turn your iPad away from my child!

iPad in a coffee shop

  So, here's the scene: You're sitting in Starbucks, you've got a nice two minutes of peace assured because you've just purchased an overpriced cookie for your toddler to enjoy while you suck back a Christmas Blend coffee, and then ... oh wait, what the? The guy over on the next table is watching Game of Thrones on his iPad and a racy, sex scene has just come on the screen. Naturally, your toddler is captivated by the moving pictures and is … [Read more...]

On Children, Travel, and Inclusion


In our North American society, children are often considered to be annoyances in air travel, restaurants, grocery stores, and even when they are quietly feeding. I think that as a parent, now used to life with young children, I have far more tolerance than I might have had when I was child-less. In fact, it barely even registers with me that a child is making loud crying noises unless it is the specific crying that I recognize as one of my … [Read more...]