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Day of Me

This time last year, I had already completed two whirlwind trips to Toronto as well as a more lengthy stay in New York City, followed by a huge family dinner and celebration. Yep, remember Month of Me? I really lived it up, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Last night, Hubby asked what I was going to do for my birthday this year. The answer? Not much. I’ve booked a vacation day off at work and I think I will sit around and blog and drink coffee and read other people’s blogs. And if I get really crazy, maybe a trip to HomeSense or a yoga class. (Oh, and pretend that there aren’t at least five loads of laundry desperate to be done.)

It’s Day of Me. The me that likes to read and write and nap.

Birthday Card painted by Hubby


  1. @coffeewithjulie Just saying, but day-of-you should be a national Holiday. A four-days weekend would have been nice. And happy birthday!

  2. chantal_mc says:

    wow has it already been a year! Happy birthday Julie!

  3. love the card!!

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