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I’m still thinking about hyper-parenting

Hyper-parenting. You might remember that a little while back, I wrote a post sparked by the CBC documentary Hyper Parents and Coddled Kids. And I’m still thinking about it.

The whole concept of hyper-parenting is never really far from my mind, actually. It’s something that I consciously, actively want to avoid doing to my children. And yet, it seems we live in a world where hyper-parenting is almost becoming the norm. Or at least that’s how I felt when I just completed this registration form for my daughter to play soccer this summer. Here’s some of the verbiage from the waiver I just signed to release the organization from any liability:

The risks and hazards include but are not limited to injuries from: […] Grass, turf and other surfaces including bacterial infections and rashes; Falls to the ground due to uneven or irregular terrain or surfaces; collisions with walls and soccer equipment; Extreme weather conditions which may result in heatstroke, sunstroke or hypothermia; Contact, colliding or being struck by other participants […] Experience anxiety while challenging himself/herself during the activities […]

Surely, I’m not the only one laughing — or at least rolling their eyes — when filling out these forms, am I?

Oh yes, those nasty grass hazards! Good thing they warned me about that. Oh, wait — my child can trip and hurt themselves while playing a sport? — no way, I’m not signing her up now!

You know, I feel bad that this organization has had to protect itself in this manner from the parents of its participants. So, it seems like nice timing that my Hyper-parenting post has just been reposted on the “Blissfully Domestic” site on the same day that I’m signing these ridiculous forms.

I’m really interested to what comments come in because the majority of readers for this “coffee with Julie” blog are Canadian, whereas the majority of readers on “Blissfully Domestic” are American and likely did not see the documentary … will they agree that there is hyper-parenting going on in their country? Will they recount similar experiences to ours? You can follow along with the discussion too by clicking here.


  1. I think waivers like that are a combination of hyper parenting and CYA. I have to sign waivers similar to that for my own participation in basketball and ultimate frisbee. Thankfully I don’t have to ask my mom to sign them…she might refuse with all of the scary language they use!

  2. I remember your original hyper parenting post and loved it!
    And I signed one daughter up for soccer, but I just signed without reading the fine print. Grass? Egad, I didn’t know there would be a grass. Now don’t tell me there might be a ball that could hit her toes?!

  3. So Julie, if the player gets something not listed there like say getting bitten by a specific type of mosquito, you’re going to sue right?

  4. hi julie- remember me? we used to dance together. at any rate, just found your blog and thought this post would interest you:

  5. It’s startling how ridiculous the world we live in can be, that it’s come to waivers like this for a simple game of soccer for kids. I haven’t had much experience yet, and I admit I tend to skim stuff like this (perhaps I shouldn’t), but I’m certain there will be a guffaw or two when it comes time.

  6. I’m pretty concerned about that anxiety whilst challenging oneself, personally. I think we’d better just withdraw our kids from school as well. There could very well be a challenge or two coming up there. Although, so far my child hasn’t encountered any in our educational system. Phew!

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