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School for Bloggers: Some fellow travel bloggers I’d like you to meet! (#BlogHer10)

I’m really thrilled to be hosting a guest post tomorrow by Julie Henning of Road Trips for Families!

But let me back up a little in order to introduce her …

While I was at BlogHer, there were “Birds of a Feather” lunches that we could join. I dropped into a seat at the “travel” table and met some really cool women who run really clever blogs. These included (and please let me know if I’ve forgotten someone!):

  • Traci from Go BIG or go Home:  a blog which chronicles the visits a small-town family takes going to “world’s largest” attractions — from world’s largest fork to the world’s longest continuous sidewalk. (And yes — I am totally going to convince her to come to Ottawa to write about our world’s largest skating rink!)


  • Cheryl from Kimberley Seldon Design Group: Among Kimberley Seldon’s claims to fame is that she is the Decorating Editor of Canada’s Style at Home magazine. And Cheryl is the Group’s Events & Media manager. I really liked Cheryl’s quiet style and after the event I seemed to bump into her everywhere!


  • Anne and Sophie from Hip Travel Mama: This blog is geared to families who love to travel and like to do it in style. This is how they describe the site: “You know that mom at school, on the playground, or at work who always has the scoop on the hippest places to go, shop, dine and play? Here you have access to parents like you who share your passion for luxury travel, good food, wine and fashion.” And for the record, both Anne and Sophie were hip.


  • Emily from Country Inns & Suites by Carlson: Emily is the Social Media Manager and her business card says: “I’m Emily. Let’s Talk.” I checked out the site and it has a really helpful Destinations & Activities section where you can learn more about as well as find out about any destination-specific offers and specials.


  • Glennia from The Silent I: This blog shares family travels, both foreign and domestic locales — from Greenland to Galapagos, Tokyo to Tripoli. I was really intrigued to hear that many of the travels are inspired because of her husband’s love of solar eclipses. I love a good excuse to travel! (okay, any excuse!)


  • Lisa from Frisco Mama: I didn’t get much of a chance to connect with Lisa, but I did manage to have her business card in my pile of BlogHer treasures. I checked out her blog and it’s an ode to San Francisco, her home town. I have yet to visit this city and when I do, I will definitely skip the guidebook and go right to Lisa’s blog. I know I’ll be in good hands!


And last but not least, I met another Julie. We were sitting right beside each other at lunch, so we got to chat a great deal. Before leaving the table, we promised to keep in touch. Sure enough, a lovely email arrives to me this week with the subject heading “Lunch with Julie.” :)

Julie’s travel specialty is road trips for families. And this is a subject that I really want to learn more about — not just where to go, but how to do them in such a way that all of the family — adults and kids! — get the most enjoyment out of the experience.

Her blog answers this call with a section titled “Feed Me” on how to travel without eating fast food and chicken trips the entire time (a major pet peeve of mine!); another titled “Tech & Gadgets” with reviews and overviews; and last but not least, a section on “Geocaching,” which is a kind of high-tech treasure hunt that I see great potential in making road trips more fun for my family.

Just as Glennia uses solar eclipses as an impetus for a family trip, on Road Trips for Families they suggest using geocaching as a reason for heading out on a road trip. They call it Going on VaCachen™ (with a Facebook page here).

I wanted to learn more about this and I thought you might find it interesting too! So Julie has been kind enough to share a glimpse into how geocaching works and some tips for how we can get started.

Tune in tomorrow for her guest post on geocaching!


  1. Thanks, Julie! What a nice Monday morning treat to read your post today! Just yesterday we returned from Montreal, where we visited the world’s tallest inclined tower, and the largest underground pedestrian network. Also, the Botanical Gardens – my favorite stop – are the second largest in the world.

    Next time I’m up that way I’ll check out the skating rink, I promise!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Julie! It was lovely to meet you at BlogHer. I look forward to keeping up with your travels here!

  3. Thanks Julie! We had a really great table going, didn’t we? Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  4. Great rundown with some cool blogs. Oh, and “Frisco” is definitely worth a trip. :)

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