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And, now back to you! (Mark’s $50 Giveaway)

You’ve had just about enough “Month of Me” by now, I’m sure. So, let’s turn it back to you!

I have a treat for one of you: A $50 gift certificate from my BFF (aka Mark’s, remember?) … and just in time for the season change! (Yes, because I do still need to convince myself that I don’t hate winter. Cozy, cute winter clothes will help, right?)

I love online shopping (here’s a list of my favourite spots for getting errands done) and clothes shopping in increasingly joining my ever-expanding group of things that I never had to enter a mall for ever again. I think the only thing I still actually enjoy shopping for in person is shoes and books, and even those I still buy online sometimes too.

Anyhow, I digress. My point was that Mark’s has been working on creating a better online shopping experience on their website. It launched TODAY, and they’re really excited about it and would like you to take a look. In exchange for doing so, one of you will win a $50 gift certificate.

I’ve taken a good poke around the site and I’ve decided that if I was given $50 to spend at Mark’s, I would pick this:

This is the Denver Hayes Soft Draft Cardigan, and it’s priced at $33.74. With my left-over money, I would also add this to my shopping bag:

Mark’s calls these “Home Socks” which seems just perfect, because when I get home from the office I do love to put on big fluffy socks instead of slippers. These socks are priced at $14.99.

That brings my total to $48.73. And shipping is free until the end of the year anywhere in Canada!

I’d definitely be happy with the above selections. But I do think that, although they’ve made great strides in the right direction (such as adding customer review options, and cleaning up the design), Mark’s still needs to work on increasing the online inventory in the days ahead if they want to provide a true shopping experience. And I am hopeful that they will. (Especially so that I can add them to my list of faves!).

So, now it’s your turn. If you won the $50, what would you spend it on?

To enter this giveaway:

  • Simply browse through the Mark’s website enter your selection(s) in the comments section below.
  • I will do a draw using in one week’s time (November 9th).
Good luck and have fun checking out the site!


  1. Connie Paris says:

    I’ll have to try again later – the website is down!

  2. I’d get some yoga stuff…. I love the idea of 100-wash yoga pants, and the non-slip socks are so smart!

  3. Connie Paris says:

    OK, it’s back. I’m liking that curvy fit shirt…you had me at “perfectly pressed”!

  4. Since winter is coming and I like to be warm outside while ENJOYING winter ( and these days the office has been cold) my choice would be Dakota Cotton/Poly Thermal Bottoms and Long Sleeve Performance Thermal Top.  The only downside would be if I won I’d have to chip in an extra dollar and pay the taxes :)

  5. oh, I love Mark’s. I would get one of the water repellent hoodies which I have been coveting whenever I walk to the Canadian Tire on Carling, and some of the cozy home socks. That would keep me nice and warm.

  6. I’d like the Henley tops and maybe some yoga pants. Wish they had their jeans online, because that’s what I’d like most.

    • I looked for the jeans online too! Love their jeans. (But the good news is that the 50 dollars can be used for in-store shopping :)) Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  7. Lzajac0417 says:

    I’d love the BOMBER HAT FAUX FUR/LEATHER and plush slippers!

  8. I already have that sweater in green and I love it. :) I would probably get some pants! I really like the khakis at Mark’s!

  9. Can I enter if I’m giving away a gift card too? Cause I badly want this jacket :-)

  10. Mackenzie_sherri says:

    I love their yoga pants!

  11. Jennifer Blattman says:

    I am in desperate need of a new winter coat so I think if I won, I’d put it towards the Windriver Parka. I’m living in the 90’s when the snow flies!

  12. I’d buy Denver Hayes Flextech iron-free pants!

  13. I’d get the Denver Hayes SOFT® Cable Knit Cardigan in truffle brown (I’d prefer ribbon but they don’t seem to have any in size small)

  14. Very happy to see Mark’s offering online shopping!
    I’d be tossed up between putting it towards the Windriver down car coat for myself, or a Perfectly Pressed dress shirt for my husband.

  15. Karen at Virtually There says:

    I also like the drape cardigan. I also like the cowl neck sweater and the 100 wash yoga pants. It would be hard to choose!

  16. I like the soft shawl sweaters. There are so many colour options, I might even get two.

  17. I pulled out my “good” mom t-shirt today and discovered it, like every other shirt I own, now has a mysterious oily stain on the front. SIGH. I would definitely get the soft striped bejeweled henleys as a replacement.

  18. I would put it towards a pair of

    Suede Mukluks

  19. I bought that cardigan in black already and I LOVE it. I could really use it in grey now too….
    But I actually won the last gift card you offered up, so you can leave me off the entry list this time. I just wanted to rave about that sweater!!

  20. Lots of competition … but I would go with the Denver Hayes Soft Pink Cardigan with crystal buttons and a pair of those Plush Slippers! It’s just over $50, but I’m pretty sure I can spare the extra $4!

  21. I love Mark’s too!  I would buy the toeless socks if I won.  Not for yoga, but because I hate the feeling of socks on my toes!! 

  22. Sarahmcphoto says:

    i’ll have what you are having Julie! that is what stood out for me when i scanned the site. we must have the same great tast! i so need to get new clothes……soon!  can someone please nominate me for “What Not to Wear” already!!


  23. I bought the very best pair of jeans of my life at Mark’s – I get so many compliments on them.  But as much as I would love to go back and get another, the season of parties is fast approaching so I’d bet a pair of their contemporary fit dress pants in black + some chenile socks for when I came home after the party.  A girl’s gotta be comfy.

  24. I am an outerwear junkie. I love this coat: !

  25. I would put the money towards their Quad Comfort suede mukluks. I’d rather not have frosty toes this winter!

  26. Anonymous says:

    My wardrobe is lacking in warm sweaters that are suitable for work. I really like the look of the Soft Drape Cardigan and the Cable Knit Cardigan. Though, I have a pair of the Denver Hayes khakis that fit me really nicely, so I might

  27. I would get the Denver Hayes Curvy Fit Boot Pant because they will accent what I want accented and hide what I want hidden! And, I really need a new pair of pants!

  28. I would get the Denver Hayes SOFT® Cable Knit Coat Sweater and the cuffed flannel lounge pants to ensure I am cozy warm during the long winter nights!

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