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My new BFF is named Mark

When I was younger (and er, smaller), I loved clothes shopping. But now, I only like (love!) shoe shopping.

Everything else leaves me feeling very, very grumpy. It is simply not fun to try on 10 pairs of pants just to find one that looks “okay.” Not “great” and “fabulous” — but just okay. And when you have very little spare time, I think you’ll agree that this is pretty much the last way you’d want to spend it. To add insult to injury, you then need to fork over your hard-earned cash for something that you feel just “okay” about.

All in all, clothes shopping has transformed itself from a fun experience to a chore that I like to get done and over with as expediently as possible. I’ve found ways to do this, too. I will block off a whole day and go to one or two stores that I know sell clothes that will work for me. I will only buy full outfits — never just a top or a skirt. I want the whole package all at once. I don’t want to have to shop around in other stores to find a match. This might sound like a more expensive way of doing things, but in the end I think I save a lot of money and closet space with this “method.”

My husband shops this way too. Basically he goes into The Bay or Mark’s Work Warehouse and gets all he needs, all at once. So perhaps I actually learned my “method” from him.

So when I received an invitation from the same Mark’s Work Warehouse that my husband shops at, I immediately recognized the name and felt familiar with what their products were. But I guess that’s the point …. most of us have been into a Mark’s Work Warehouse for something practical, like construction boots or men’s jeans, but not to shop for stylish women’s clothing that you could wear on the weekend or to the office.

But this invitation asked me to do just that. To come on in to Mark’s and check out the women’s section — try some things on and let a team of stylists help you do it. AND keep the outfit to bring home. Who could say no, really?

So in addition to spoiling me rotten, my new BFF is named Mark because he introduced me to:

As you can tell, I’m really smitten. I’m thrilled with the outfit that was I given to take home (which you can see in this picture), but more than that, I’m going to go back again this weekend and treat myself to at least a few new outfits. Mark’s my new BFF … sizes that fit, waistbands that don’t dig in, no mall traffic to fight and really great prices!

Thanks to High Road Communications and Mark’s for opening my eyes — this is my kinda shopping!


  1. You look awesome! What a fantastic opportunity.

  2. You look great! It was amazing wasn’t it? I’m a huge Mark’s fan, was before and now even more. Half my wardrobe is already Mark’s. And like you, I’ll be back soon.

    Wish so much we could have chatted longer!!

  3. Cute! My favourite part is actually your hair… It looks great.

  4. Heather Ann says:

    You look really cute. You are totally a scarf girl. I love them but they make me hot.
    I have been going to Mark’s for years – steel-toed boots, coveralls and sweatshirts in vet school in 1992, then Sam’s clothes – the no-iron shirts are fabulous. I have watched their women’s clothing change but as a big girl, haven’t been able to partake. I really like the look of the clothes. I will have to go and look at the shoes now.
    Glad you had this opportunity. I love to see you smile.

  5. @Christine – Love your outfit and your photos!! You are far too cute, my friend! :)

    @Lissa: I really liked the hair too. I am very lazy with my hair so I keep it in a short pixie cut. But it’s longish right now and he straightened it with a “magic brush” from Italy. What a character he was! Loved him.

    @HeatherAnn – Yeah, I like the scarf thing. I did ask about their sizes. Up to 18 in jeans and up to 20 in regular pants. They have petites now, so hopefully they’ll get some plus sizes too. The shoes are definitely worth a look. Nice Mary Janes.

  6. Love that pic Julie. You look fabulous. Great hair! :)

  7. I’ve been doing a lot of my shopping at Mark’s for about 5 years now. I especially love them for pants and jeans. So many places sell women’s pants that are all cut the same length. At Mark’s they sell them in varying lengths, so I can get pants and jeans that fit without having to be hemmed.

  8. That outfit is fab (just like the lady in the clothing!) So happy for you and am glad it went so well. I’m a big Marks’ fan too, bought a ton of awesome stuff for back to work – I love it all!

  9. Excellent outfit! I never thought of Mark’s for stylish clothes…will have to check it out!
    I also recently discovered Ricki’s online has a style guide that shows you how to use multiple pieces to make a few outfits. Really helpful for people like me who can’t mix and match 😉

  10. It was such a great experience. I knew they had women’s clothing but I didn’t really think anything would fit me. I was very pleasantly surprised with what I was able to find for myself (currently at an 18). I’ll be back soon too. And Eric is getting a few more of those iron-free shirts 😉

  11. You look SO good! I just got that Ispiri cardi in black a couple weeks ago and have already worn it about a dozen times. Haha.

    Love the photo. You look happy : ) Hope you had a fun time. And you lot have inspired me to put together some kind of tweetup with you during one of my Ottawa visits. I make lots of them and I am dying to spend some face time with you! : )

    Rayanne Langdon, High Road Communications on behalf of Mark’s

  12. Julie! You look awesome!! Love love love your hair, and that outfit. I’m ROTFL at how similar it is to Andrea’s outfit! I was so impressed, too — got to find a minute to post about it!

  13. You look fantastic. I can attest to the wedgy free undies. I got two pairs yesterday and they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned!

  14. Great outfit! I really like the more reasonably priced yoga gear and line free panties! I am going to have to go and see Mark too! :)

  15. That is too funny….I just bought the same sweater there in black. I love the Mark man. He rocks. His dress pants have a slight sheen to them and don’t stick to other pieces of your clothing….the sizes are good and the style is conservative yet stylish. Their image has definitely come up a notch in the last year or so. I even bought a couple of tops for my pregnancy there because some of the styles lend themselves to a more fuller tummy!
    Prices are great and the return policy is more than acceptable.
    You look great!

  16. I haven’t shopped at Mark’s in a few years. Finding stuff that fits me (4’11” and weighing in at about 170lbs) is really difficult especially when I have a budget to stick to. You’re making me consider going back there and seeing if the sizes have changed. I have been planning on putting down a good amount of money to replace most of my dying wardrobe.

  17. you look AMAZING! and i want to come, please take me when i get home!!

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