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Saguenay Series, Part 3: The Trip Just Got A Whole Lot Less “Rough”

I’ve pretty much done everything possible to avoid packing for my Saguenay trip. I really don’t know why I do this. I just do. Once, I left Canada for a whole year and didn’t get around to packing until the night before.

With school coming up it’s been really easy to procrastinate. There are hundreds of thousands of other things to distract myself with.

Like labelling. Oh, how I have labelled today! You name it, I’ve labelled it. Hubby was teasing me about liking labelling … how I secretly luxuriate in its pleasure. “As if,” I said. “It has to be done! It says so on all the instruction sheets from the schools!” But, he’s right. We both know it.

Anyhow, since I was so busy labelling, I asked if he could bring up a suitcase for me. Then I started debating if I should bring a medium-sized check-in case, or just a small carry-on. He suggested that I’d need the larger one because I’d need not only hiking boots, but casual shoes and dress shoes. (Notice how it’s all about the footwear. The man does know me well after all these years, doesn’t he?)

“Dress shoes?” I asked.

“Well, yes. It looks like you’ll be eating in some nice restaurants.”

“What? What do you mean!”

“On the itinerary, it mentioned some nice restaurants and a hotel,” he says casually.

“What? A hotel?!”

At this point, I finally dug out the itinerary and read through it. And sure enough — there is a hotel on there!! This is mighty exciting … I thought I’d be “roughing” it. In fact, of the five nights I will be away, two are in a hotel and one is in a chalet. And there will be only one night without a shower and flush toilet.

I should probably feel disappointed. After all, this is my big adventure. Something that was to equate in some small way to those my hubby takes off on — a real nature experience. But you know what I say?


p.s. I already checked and the hotel has free wifi  :)


  1. Sounds almost civilized. You’ll have a wonderful time, I’m sure.

  2. Well doesn’t that sound a whole heck of a lot better! wifi and all. And I totally get the labeling thing, Mabel is my new best friend. Well when I’m not using the ptouch *g*

  3. I love nature, as long as there is good food and free wifi around. You should be fine 😆

  4. Hahah! I am the same. I like camping, but love staying at nice hotels and cabins more! :)

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