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It’s Friday, Friends. Ring that Bell!

In February of last year, my dear friend was told she had cancer. Bone cancer, to be precise. It was a blow out of nowhere. One day, she is fit and healthy and playing basketball. The next, she is being told she will need to have life-changing surgery on her leg and endure countless rounds of chemo. Once she got over the whole shock of it, she told me that losing her hair, enduring the seemingly never-ending sickness of chemo (aka "poison … [Read more...]

Thinking about Breast Cancer Awareness: The Good, the Bad, and the Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And all around us and in my in-box are generous corporations looking to help raise awareness about breast cancer by promoting their pink-coloured products. But wait. Were you not aware that breast cancer existed? Of course you are -- gone are the days, thankfully, when we couldn't speak aloud about "breast" cancer. Were you not aware that corporations were generous? Of course you are -- … [Read more...]

Stella has a New Look!

Long Hair: Before Cutting for Donation

Stella has been growing her hair for about two years now. She has gorgeous hair -- capital G, gorgeous! It is really thick, with a nice wave in it. And you can see it's grown quite long now ... well past her shoulders. (If I could transplant some of it straight onto my head, trust me, I would!) But she hasn't been growing it long to enjoy it long; she's been growing it so that she can donate it for cancer patients who would prefer to wear … [Read more...]

Cancer Sucks. And so does Pink-Washing.

Back in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I shared my thoughts on pink-washing in a post called "Don't Drink the Pink Kool-Aid." In it, I questioned all the pink ribbons being slapped on everything from cell phones to chocolate bars; and wondered out loud about corporate profit-teering from an illness that is hurting so many of us. I didn't have any easy answers, and instead decided that rather than promote one of the many pink … [Read more...]