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I am geek.


I was so excited to get my little package in the mail today! You see, I treated myself to a pretty little sparkler from Blend Creations. And here's a close-up: Um, yes, that is an "at" symbol. No, not for email, silly! While it's true that when I first joined twitter back in January, I really wasn't so sure I liked it ... or even "got" it. But now? Total addict. Yes, I am geek. Hear me roar tweet! … [Read more...]

Just do it!

You may have noticed that in my right-hand column, there is a lovely advertiser by the name of "LVS Consulting." This consulting practice is run by someone I've know for quite some time now: Lisa Sansom. In fact, Lisa introduced me to the whole big wide world of organizational development, and then more specifically, change management. We both used to work in the same company, but long ago went our own ways and have kept in touch over the … [Read more...]

An eight-year-old’s views on marriage

The other day my daughter Stella walked into the room while I was watching television. On the screen was a very pregnant woman who was trying on wedding dresses. This sparked a few questions from her, which led to me re-iterating the whole spectrum of choices that are available to folks. Then there was a slight pause in the conversation, so I asked her what her thoughts were... Me: So, what do you think about marriage you think it might … [Read more...]

2011 National Home Show ticket winners!

And tells me the winners to the 2011 National Home Show are .... #8 - Melissa: who loves her character home but is keen for organizing and space-saving ideas  #10 - Beth: who moves A LOT, so really, a home show with some girlfriends is a must-do trip, right?  #12 - Vivian: who dreams of that magazine-worthy kitchen (I don't even cook and I would love that too!)  #13 - Niki: who, like me, would love to have an enormous … [Read more...]

Get creative and “re-purpose” to reduce consumption (Guest post!)

Kevin Kellar's art work is an ode to the joy of creative repurposing

I am really excited to bring you an awesome guest post today! You might recall that about a week ago, in a post titled "Consumption to the point of destruction," I wrote: I need your help. I’ve got a couple of ideas brewing for posts, but I want to know what things irk you about our over-consuming nature? Tell me (either in the comments or by emailing me directly) and together we can look at those things and dig a little deeper into them. One … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Real Estate Junkie (and a giveaway for the National Home Show!)

When I was a kid, I can distinctly remember being in the car on a weekend afternoon, usually in the spring, and asking my parents "What are we doing -- why are we driving around like this?" And the response of "Oh, we're just looking around at these neighbourhoods" never ceased to perplex me. I'd ask "Are we moving?" But, no, we weren't moving, we were just looking. Now, I am following in my parents mother's (let's face it, my father was … [Read more...]

On the topic of new year’s resolutions

In yesterday's National Post, an article titled "America is losing the war with itself" spun out a number of topics we've been discussing here related to the obesity problem that Canada is facing (I first wrote about this here, then again two days later here, and then because the comments gave me so much food for thought, a third time here.) Of particular interest to me is the connection that the author, George F. Will, makes between North … [Read more...]

The lady sitting alone in the movie theatre

When I was younger, there was no way I'd walk into a movie theatre alone. Because ... What if someone saw me? What would they think? And I would wonder to myself about that lady sitting alone in the movie theatre ... Is she lonely? Does she not have a partner or friend to come with her? And despite having a house full of love and a pocket full of wonderful friends, I am often that lady sitting alone in the movie theatre. When I have a night to … [Read more...]

Consumption to the point of destruction

Okay, so I've spent two posts complaining (first that the "obesity epidemic" in Canada was not really an epidemic, and second, that if it is really an epidemic, it's downright embarrassing when you put it in perspective to other epidemics around the world) and now I think it is probably time to do something helpful. Your comments on my post have been particularly insightful and have given me lots of food for thought (pardon the pun!). Many of … [Read more...]

The obesity epidemic: Maybe I’m just embarrassed

In my last rant post, I belittled the obesity problems that we are facing in Canada. I can certainly acknowledge that the prevalence of processed foods in Canadian diets, with ever-growing package sizes and salt and sugar quantities, is concerning. I can also acknowledge that most of the children I know likely do less physical activity that what is considered the healthy norm. But throwing the term "obesity epidemic" about just feels wrong to … [Read more...]

Canada’s has an obesity epidemic on its hands!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! If you believe the headlines, Canada is in the middle of a serious epidemic. One of such enormous proportions that 1 in 4 Canadians is already affected – and the number is rising! *yawn* Yeah, that’s right, I’m tired of hearing about our so-called “obesity epidemic.” From public service announcements, to newspaper headlines to CBC’s latest “Live Right Now” series … please! Sure, we might be a little … [Read more...]

Starting the year on a high note!

I am utterly thrilled and gobsmacked to share some exciting news with you! Coffee with Julie has come through the juried process at the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards with the following honours:   Thank you, universe. And thank you Schmutzie for being the brains and the brawn behind this national effort. It means a lot to us mad keen bloggers. … [Read more...]