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I witnessed my first flash mob performance!

Despite having spent more than a decade turning-out, tendue-ing, and ronde-de-jambe-ing, I don't generally care to see a traditional ballet. And when I do happen to be at the ballet, I usually find myself daydreaming or running through my endless to-do lists, which might have something to do with my still un-acquired taste for classic music. But when my fellow former bun-head Trish invited me to join her to see Canada's Royal Winnipeg … [Read more...]

It’s not so quiet around here any more

pie chart

Okay, well, to be more specific ... my son is not so quiet anymore. (Stella still talks a mile a minute non-stop!)  My son Max, who is almost three, has been late to start talking. He's a quiet little guy -- content to sit and do puzzles or play with his cars. However, he has now starting talking in earnest. Hubby and I are very excited about this and have been revelling in each and every new word that comes out of his mouth. Stella, on the … [Read more...]

Spring pick-me-up (for you and for me!)

I had to wait until no one at work was in the washroom to take this!

So, after "going to the cave," "fulfilling my to-don't list," and living in "survival mode" last night, I woke up this morning feeling a bit more recharged already. I even put on a matching outfit today and that kind of perked me up a bit too. Which reminded me that I have a nice spring me-pick-me up to share with you! Remember how pleased I'd been with the selection and price of the clothes at Mark's? Well, I have $50 with your name on it to … [Read more...]

The Week of the Rain Cheque

I have holed myself up in my bedroom with a new episode of Glee and a beer (yes, I'm out of red wine). Actually, as this episode moves forward, I'm starting to suspect that this too is another Glee repeat. Which would go with the rain cheque theme of my week. Here is what I have managed to do so far this week: Shower Work Wash dishes Laundry That's it. Just the very basics for me this week. Everything else is on rain cheque. I … [Read more...]

Liar, liar, house on fire

It would seem to me that, as humans, we like to lie to ourselves. Sometimes this reflexive instinct can, on the surface, strike me as a form of ego-massaging, but mostly I think it serves as a form of self-preservation. What kind of lies am I talking about? Oh, how about that if you don’t dress like a slut, then you won’t get raped. Or perhaps that Canada doesn't get enough sun to even bother worrying about skin cancer. And surely, you've … [Read more...]

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I really miss you, I do. Just because I can't manage to post very frequently these days, I want you to know that it's about me, not you. (I know I used this excuse lamely to a fair share of boys in my time, but really, with you, it's true.) I adore you. And it makes me feel so great when I press the "publish" button. And even better when readers join in and share comments with me. For one thing, we're selling our house. What that … [Read more...]

PLAYtime (for parents AND kids!) + an Ottawa giveaway


If you are a parent, let me ask you this: When was the last time you went to see live theatre? (Do I hear *crickets*??) Yeah, I thought maybe that was the case. Because that is pretty much the case over in this household. Actually ... correct that: I DO manage to catch some wonderful theatre, but I rarely ever manage to do so with my husband. Instead, I take along a girlfriend and hubby stays home with the kids. We have just never really … [Read more...]

Feeling mildly ashamed of myself

classic books

The other day, Stella and I popped into Chapters-Indigo to pick up some new books for her. We were looking for some chapter books that she could really sink her teeth into. So imagine our delight to come across a line of books published as “Wordsworth Classics” that were only $3.99 (!) each. We had to limit ourselves since there were so many great titles to pick from! Here are the four that we took home: The Swiss Family Robinson, Alice in … [Read more...]