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School for Bloggers: The new world of book publishing levels the playing field. Kinda. Mostly. (#BWENY)

So, I'm in New York City. But unlike my last post, I have been inside all day attending Blog World & New Media Expo 2011 (hashtag #BWENY). Like many other conferences, there are "tracks" so that you can follow a specific theme that you might be interested in. I'm in attendance for my "day job" as a corporate communications manager for a high-tech company, so the track I've been following is the Social Media for Business Summit. But at the … [Read more...]

A Day in New York City: May 22, 2011

For my friends not on twitter. Here is my day, via tweets starting when I woke up .... It is exceptionally difficult to make decisions without caffeine. No coffee maker in this hotel room. Must throw on baseball cap and go find a Starbucks asap. I guess I should change out of pjs too. This is rough. Yes, Latte in hand now. Life is good! Man, it's not even 10:30 am yet and @thegrumpymama and @thevoog have me craving Chinese … [Read more...]

A conversation about Twitter and DH

Power outage tweet

I joined Twitter back in January 2010, and at the time I felt really undecided about it. But now, there is no indecision. The plain fact is that I love it. It amuses me to no end. I know that non-Twitter folks find the whole thing "meaningless" and therefore a waste of time. However, I think the meaningless stuff is what is most amusing. Sure, I also hear about local earthquakes, international breaking news, amber alerts, Health Canada … [Read more...]

Winner of the Mark’s gift certificate!

I'm happy to announce the winner of my Spring-Pick-Me-Up Giveaway now! I just used and the winner is comment #5. And comment #5 is Finola. CONGRATS Finola! And how perfect since you were just chatting about needing spring clothes on twitter! I know you will enjoy shopping at Mark's! It's a no-pressure, easy shopping experience. As for the rest of you lovely commenters ... I'm sorry I couldn't give you ALL gift certificates so … [Read more...]

Most Awesome Mother’s Day Present! (Ottawa giveaway)


EDITED TO ADD: I used and as the universe of random dictated the winner of this most awesome mother's day prize pack is Shakira Whitton! CONGRATS SHAKIRA -- I will be in touch with the details for how to use your prize! :) Quick! You seriously don’t want to miss this giveaway! And I will give it out just in time for Mother’s Day so you can give your mother, your wife – or, heck, just yourself (I won’t tell!) – a fantastic … [Read more...]