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“Month of Me” post #004: Photo Recap of the Fun Stuff from Day One of the She’s Connected Conference


Howdy everyone! So yesterday started off very bright and early (actually, why is it "bright" and early because, really, it's "dark" when you need to get up early, isn't it?)! Me and my bloggy buddy Andrea (otherwise known as @missfish and she is AWESOME  and she totally didn't lock the keys in her car) drove to Toronto to attend the first day of the She's So Connected Conference. We had planned to arrive just in time to hear the opening … [Read more...]

“Month of Me” post #03: Kicking it off a little early!

Officially, the #MonthofMe project is supposed to be the month of October but .... I've decided to kick off the #MonthofMe a little early. I was invited to a conference called ShesConnected, which takes place on September 29th and 30th.   I was curious about this invite-only conference that aims to connect Canada's "digital women" with brands, but the timing was terrible. For a number of reasons, not the least of which was the … [Read more...]

“Month of Me” post #02: Celebrating with my Mom

The "Month of Me" project that I first told you about here is coming together mighty nicely! On October 5th, I will be toasting a happy birthday to my mother in New York City ... here's a little more on the that ... On this day 40 years ago, a young woman was seven days overdue to give birth to her first child. Due on September 15th, there was no doubt in her mind that this baby was conceived during her husband’s short break during army boot … [Read more...]

I used to have ambitions

This just about sums it up, doesn't it? … [Read more...]

DIY Design: A Reading Nook In Progress

reading nook

In continuation from the DIY Design of Stella's Bedroom, I've been trying to create for her an awesome reading nook in her bedroom. It is taking a long time to find just the right things for it though. Here's what it looks like so far: For the lounging part of a reading nook, I was originally thinking of bean bags. But I've found them to either be crazy-expensive (seriously, $400 for a beanbag?!) or perfectly priced but not the right … [Read more...]

Breaking up is never easy: Bye-bye Canadian Business magazine

sept issue - cdn business

When trying to choose between two equivalent products, I will buy Canadian. It just seems like the loyal thing to do. This also applies to magazines. I like to buy Canadian parenting, travel, and business magazines. So I've been a regular reader of Canadian Business magazine for a while now. In fact, I currently have an annual subscription. I read through each issue, and then I bring them in to my office and leave them in a communal reading … [Read more...]

In my arms

Each morning, early, you tumble into our bedroom. You do a long route around to the far side of the bed, and stand for a moment waiting. Waiting for me to raise my arm, to welcome you in under the covers. I don't need to open my eyes. I can feel you there; I can feel you looking at me. This, almost more than anything, makes me feel like a mother. You are a big boy. I know that big boys won't want to do this forever. Your sister could never lie … [Read more...]

DIY Design: Stella’s Bedroom

stella room

I really never understood people's fascination with home decor and design. I scoffed at the prices people would pay for hip furniture. I rolled my eyes at my mother's love for Home Sense. But I am now "in the club." And let me tell you ... it's fun! Since we bought our new home, I've spent every free minute dreaming of ways to decorate it. I just love it and I just love dressing it up (let's face it, it is way more fun than trying to dress … [Read more...]

The Back-to-School Outfit


Back-to-school is here! As usual, summer has whizzed right by and we're back into the busy fall season (both at work and at home). This summer was a milestone for us -- we moved houses for the first time in 14 years and we enjoyed a special visit from overseas relatives. But we're ready for routines again, I think. That's one bonus of school-aged children; it helps the whole family get into consistent routines. Not to be outdone by Valentine's … [Read more...]

“Month of Me” post #01: There’s a hashtag, so it must be real

A while back, I decided that I'd really like to attend Blissdom Canada, which is a blogging conference taking place in Toronto next month. I thought, hey, I love blogging and it's my 40th birthday in October, so why not? All the tickets were sold out ages ago, but I was able to buy a ticket from someone who wasn't going to be able to go. (Although I am still hoping to win a ticket so that I can recoup my cash. Keep your fingers crossed for … [Read more...]