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Mama got her groove back


I've been having a great vacation. Lots of relaxing. Hanging out. Laughing. All that sort of thing. But for some reason, I've been feeling a little, well, blah. Not a lot. Just a bit. I wondered why ... then I realized that I was spending a lot of time on the beach watching people walk around in bikinis while I was wearing a bathing suit that was handed down to me by a friend who'd lost weight and gave me all her "fat" clothes. Now, … [Read more...]

Snapshots from Jonesport, Maine

Early morning fog on Jonesport Beach

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Postcard from Jonesport, Maine: Are Fishermen Lonely?

We had had only one criterion for our holiday: an ocean view. So I simply searched the internet for all cottages that met this criterion and then booked the one at the best rate, which happened to be in a small fishing town called Jonesport ... [to read more, please click here to read the full post on Life As A Human] … [Read more...]

A “downeast” meal


After spending a beautiful day in Bar Harbour, Maine, we decided to treat the family to a downeast meal. The restaurant was literally on the pier, and we sat happily looking out at the lobster boats and the sea. First on the list was clam chowder. As a kid living in Nova Scotia, I can remember running about the beach and digging up clams with my brother. Then my mom would make us all a delicious clam chowder. I don't know which I enjoyed more … [Read more...]

When will he learn?

We'd hardly cut into the long drive ahead when my hubby asks if we could pull into the Canadian Tire he'd spotted. I knew what he wanted. "Oh, come on," I pleaded, "We really don't need a bike lock. Your bike is the only one worth anything and we can bring it into the hotel room if we have to." He countered saying that it would be really quick -- he could just run in while I drove to the Tim Horton's for a caffeine fill-up. "No ... these … [Read more...]

Random recommendation from my book shelf: The Turning, by Tim Winton

When I love a book, then I am compelling to force encourage others to read it. And so it went with Tim Winton's The Turning. I convinced my husband to read this collection of short stories, and then my father, and then my brother ... and so on, and so forth. If you've never lived in Australia, you can be forgiven for having never heard of Tim Winton. But, really, he is way better than Vegemite sandwiches. Trust me. He's written 9 novels, and … [Read more...]

BOLO: faces behind blogs


Not long back, I wrote a post which shared my excitement in being able to hear the voices behind blogs. In it, I noted that many of the blogs I read include a photo of the author, so the voices were going to be the big draw for me. Well, I was wrong ... my dear Ottawa bloggers and their readers are just so darn gorgeous in real life that the faces really made the entire night last night a real treat. A real treat that was entirely made … [Read more...]

Here’s how you can tell if a working mom has a big report due the next day

If you were a fly on a wall, you'd easily be able to tell whenever a working mom has a big day ahead of her in the morning. This is what you'd see: 11:30 pm:  Shutting down computer after putting some finishing touches on a report. 1:00 am:  Youngest child wakes up. Mom makes sure everything is okay, puts in some cuddle time and offers some milk. 1:30 am: Youngest child now settled, Mom returns to her bed. 2:00 am: Youngest child … [Read more...]

Camping lesson #1: If there’s no nature, it’s not worth it


In an attempt to bring ourselves back into the camping spirit now that we have children, we bought a pop-up tent trailer this spring. I admit that we swallowed our pride when we parked it in our driveway. It really put a damper on our camping "street-cred." Just as we defiantly swore we'd never buy a minivan just because we had children (and, for the record, we still have not succumbed ... yet), we also swore to never "car camp." Our first … [Read more...]