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It’s Friday, Friends. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today, Hubby is 40. Unlike moi, he does not seem to be suffering any kind of middle aged crisis requiring a month-long celebration nor any angst about aging. I think that means that he's perfectly content ... he's happy. And that makes me happy. Because I love him more than anything. So for this Friday's music video inspiration, I've picked The Cure's "Lovesong." The lyrics seem just right for the occasion, even if the video makes me wonder … [Read more...]

Ecoholic Body: What Chemicals Are in My Makeup?


I've been making my way through Adria Vasil's book Ecoholic Body. In it, she quickly identifies what she refers to as 'Ecoholic's Mean 15: Top Body Care Ingredients to Shelve for Good." This is fine and dandy as a list, but as I noted in my post last week, I simply don't want to have to spend the time reading all the ingredients and cross-checking them against Ecoholic's Mean 15. That's why a store like Terra20 is very appealing to me. You … [Read more...]

It’s Friday, Friends. This One’s for The Dads.

This Friday's music video is dedicated to the Dads who read here. But I'm sending out happy weekend vibes to all of you! P.S. That long string one of the guys wears to avoid losing his sunglasses? Hubby wears one of those. Hawt. … [Read more...]

Vignette Attempts: Family Gathering

Happy Flowers vignette @coffeewihjulie

When we had a family gathering a little while back, I got inspired to try a couple of vignettes with some flowers that had been given to me. They didn't turn out terrific, but I really enjoy doing them. They are far more difficult to get "just right" than it would seem ... mostly they seem to come off over-done or amateurish. So far, I'm in the amateur category! This is the "Happy Flower" vignette in the front hall. I used a tarnished silver … [Read more...]

The Terra20 Store: My Personal Assistant for Avoiding Greenwashing

@ecoholicnation and @coffeewithjulie

On Friday night, I watched a very interesting episode of CBC's Marketplace. In this season premiere, the show examined products that purported to be "green." You know the kind ... you see them everywhere nowadays -- the label includes something green or has been re-branded with a beige colour and includes words such as "natural," "non-toxic," and "biodegradable." I'm sure I've been duped countless times by these products because I want to do my … [Read more...]

I have an Art Wall. Or is it a Gallery Wall? Whatever it’s Called, I Love It.

Gallery Wall @coffeewithJulie

So, I think it's about time I pull away from my melancholic haze and come back to some happy-happy-joy-joy. And one thing that is really making me happy these days is coming home to my art wall. An "art wall" or "gallery wall" is something I've been lusting after for ages (fellow lustees are welcome to drool at my Gallery Wall Pinterest board). Ignore the couch, coffee table, lamps, old trunk (yes, okay, that is everything in the room) ... … [Read more...]

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Today, September 10th, has been dedicated to preventing suicide around the world. The intent, according to a news release issued today by Suicide Prevention Canada, is to: "Support those bereaved by suicide, remember and celebrate the lives of those who died by suicide, support those who struggle with living, and renew our commitment to helping all Canadians reconnect with their reasons to live while building lives with dignity, purpose, and … [Read more...]

When Time Slips Away

Running in the cornfields

It could be the constant rain today. Or because last week my son started junior kindergarten. Or that the week before that my daughter turned 10 years old. Or it could even be because Hubby turns 40 this month. Or that in the month afterwards, I turn 41. Time is slipping away on me. And for whatever the reason, it's weighing on me heavily these days. It's as if I feel the minutes ticking away more now. The time I should or could or … [Read more...]