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Holy Crap! Impractical Purchasing, a Grocery Store edition


In the post "Impractical Purchasing, NYC edition, part 1," I had intimated that Hubby did not like it (at all!) when I went grocery shopping. However, the other day we were in need of some milk and bread and he asked if I could pick that up on my way home from the office . Naturally, I said "Oh course, sweetheart," because I am a perfect and lovely wife. Then I rubbed my hands together in glee because who knew what slickly-packaged, over-priced … [Read more...]

When Men were Men

Yesterday, I did something unusual. I went to see a movie that was filled with frightening scenes and macho bravado. And I drank it up all. Liam Neeson in the film The Grey. Photo credit. It’s old fashioned and sexist to believe that men should all be strong and brave, just as it would be to believe that all women should be nurturing and gentle. But the news has been filled with stories of weak, dishonourable men as of late. And it is … [Read more...]

Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Svengali: An Amateur’s Review

Before I start, let's be clear that I am certainly not a professional art critic and my dance training is so far behind me that I wouldn't even be able to properly name most of the moves. But since most audience members are likely more like me, rather than art critics, I thought it might be helpful to share my views on this ballet in case you're contemplating purchasing tickets.  I love the arts and I'm pretty much up for seeing any kind of … [Read more...]

Another Attempt at a Front Hall Vignette


When Hubby sees me poking around the front hall trying to put together a vignette (you can see my first attempt here), he just cracks up. I am not a patient person and have little tolerance for anything "fiddly" and yet, I just love doing these vignette things. Strange but true. I had gathered a few special things: In the background is a print that Hubby gave me after Stella was born, titled Mother and Child. The boxed book box … [Read more...]

4 Cats Arts Studio Masterpiece: Final Reveal


Remember this big ol' mess that my girlfriends and I made at 4 Cats Hintonburg to celebrate my 40th birthday? It was my party, and I just wanted to wear sweatpants and have a few laughs with my girlfriends. But, believe it or not, in the photo above we were actually creating a special masterpiece just for me, the birthday girl! After it was all said and done, I had our creation stretched onto canvas by 4 Cats ($75 fee). I am so happy I … [Read more...]

Sundays are just so lovely, aren’t they?


[Read more...]

Smuggs — here we come!


Our family didn't downhill when I was growing up, nor did Hubby's. We'd like to introduce the kids to downhill while they're still young. You know ... before that fear factor sets in. Fear stops a lot of people from doing a lot of things. But when you start young, or at least have a little introduction to something when you're young, it always seems to make a difference. Like learning to swim as a kid versus an adult, or a new language, or sport … [Read more...]

Impractical Purchasing, NYC edition, part 2


Back in October for Month of Me, I celebrated my 40th by hitching a ride with Kerry to Brooklyn. We didn't actually know each other, more than a few emails here and there, but that didn't stop us! We spent a great few days wandering together and then parted ways when my mom arrived into the Big Apple so we could jointly celebrate our birthdays. While in New York, I only bought a handful of things. But what I bought seems to indicate that I am … [Read more...]

What is the appropriate way to celebrate 15 years of marriage?


Last week, Hubby and I passed a pretty major milestone -- 15 years of marriage. When we celebrated our first anniversary, we went to a bed and breakfast in Kingston. Although it sounds peaceful and romantic, and that was certainly the intention, it really wasn't. A couple staying above us came in really late and made a whole lot of racket laughing and stumbling around drunk, which was followed by some other, ahem, "noises" that kept us up half … [Read more...]

My Bedside Table Books: January 2011

A while back, Stella (my nine-year-old daughter) and I added Amazon widgets to the sidebar of this blog -- take a gander over on the right-hand sidebar of the blog's homepage. We didn't have any ambitions of getting rich off of our 4%, but rather to share what's on our respective bedside tables as fellow bookworms. I don't know about you, but I just love poking around people's bookshelves and knowing what people have cracked open and set their … [Read more...]

The Homemade Gift


Us busy folks just love a homemade anything, don't we? Marketers, of course, know this and like to use the word to advertise their wares any chance they get. But the truly homemade gift is a special thing indeed. Some of the most cherished homemade gifts I've received include a quilt from my mother-in-law for each bed in the house, a quilt from my special Aussie girlfriend Nat, and a scrapbooked collage from my mom. As for gifts from Hubby, I … [Read more...]

2011: The Year That Was (Part 2 of 2)

In continuation from yesterday .... July 2011: By this time, our family had moved into a new home while simultaneously welcoming overseas family to Canada for the first time. It was busy, but we had fun! We shared as much of our area with them as possible, including Canada Day in downtown Ottawa and a visit to Toronto. A sense of relief was also felt by Hubby and I as we settled into our new neighbourhood and adjusted to the change. In total, … [Read more...]