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Letter from South Korea: Part 1

Meaghan Harrison at the National Museum of Korea

How does a recent graduate stay hopeful? The unemployment rate for youth climbed to 14.9 per cent in May, says Stats Can. One in five young adults have moved in with a friend or relative, says Maclean's. Most are suffering from recession anxiety, says the Calgary Herald. If you're graduating soon, recently graduated or a parent of one of the former, I hope you'll take heart with this "Letter from South Korea" post. Below, you'll find Part 1 of … [Read more...]

Thursday's Thought

"I realized the power writing has, and it has also helped me deal with my rage ... It gave me a lifelong commitment not to be afraid to speak out about injustice." -- Dominick Dunne … [Read more...]

4 Ingredients

The only thing that Julie from the movie Julie and Julia and I share is a name. I have never lived in New York City (although I certainly would if opportunity afforded it), I am not a newly wed (we're clocking 13 years over in this corner), and perhaps most critically, I do not enjoy cooking. I just don't understand how people love to cook. It's sort of how I just can't understand how people love to go running. It's not that I wouldn't want to … [Read more...]

This Audition may be a flop

I can't say I would have normally picked this off the shelf, but a friend offered me a nice fresh hardcopy version of Barbara Walters' memoir. Surely, I thought, it would have some tasty bits. How could it not, with such a career? Walters initially thought of titling her book Sister, since her only sister Jacqueline "was unwittingly the strongest influence in my life." It's a tale that many siblings relate to, at least if the virtual shelves of … [Read more...]

Character flaws

I'm a sucker for anything with "character." You know, one of those people that real estate agents market "charming" properties too. Also, the type that buys a new lipstick simply because its packaging is just so darn beautiful. And last but not least, the buyer of highly impractical, but terribly cute shoes. I can see how this could be considered superficial. It's that whole form over function thing. But so far, this has not led me wrong. Back … [Read more...]

I blame Dora

The 'Rough Dog' Pinata

Although I like to blame Dora the Explorer for my daughter's pinata fascination, the truth is that it's become a bit of a cherished tradition around here. It all started on her fourth birthday (yes, that time when all children exposed to a shouting girl in a jungle become madly infatuated and start learning Spanish at amazing speed). We were in Australia at the time and the only thing that Stella requested for her birthday celebration was a … [Read more...]

Travel with Baby

Unlike most adults, babies can sleep just about anywhere.

There is many a parent I know who choses not to travel when their child is a baby. I completely respect this decision. But this post is for those who would like to continue travelling, even after baby, and might be looking for some tips. The tips here are a combo of practicality and inspiration ... 5 Tips for Travel with Baby Tip #1:  Try and keep your bedtime rituals going for the evening, but flexibility is the name of the game during the … [Read more...]

Thursday's Thought

It is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily by.  How else, indeed, to clap the net over the butterfly of the moment? ~Vita Sackville-West … [Read more...]


Just after 5 am this morning, I flipped my eyelids open and standing before me was my daughter. "Hi Mom! Is it time for me to open my birthday presents?" she whispered. "No hon, it's a bit too early still. Lay in bed for a bit," I mumbled. She dutifully returned around 6 am and we all hung out on our bed together and watched as she gleefully opened each gift. She was thrilled with everything -- even her cards. Every so often, as she was … [Read more...]

Sunday morning in my house

Daughter:  Mom, will you play with me? Mother: What do you want to play? Daughter: Pokemon. Mother: Um, okay. But first you have to brush your teeth. Daughter: Okay, great!! Thanks for bribing me, Mom!!! … [Read more...]

Santa better start saving now!

Daughter:  Have you noticed I haven't asked for very much for my birthday? Mother: Yes, I did wonder a little about that. Daughter:  Well, I've been keeping a few things from you. Mother: Oh. Daughter: See, I didn't want you and Dad to have to spend all your money on my birthday presents. So I'm going to save up all my wishes and ask Santa for them. … [Read more...]

A movie about blogging

I'll be the first to admit, I haven't been out to the movies much in, say, oh ... the last seven years. Yes, coincidentally, since I've become a parent. So, I might be wrong here, but the movie Julie & Julia was the first movie that I know of with blogging as a central focus. Even though I couldn't care less about Julia Child, and cooking in general for that matter, I was excited to see this movie. And that had everything to do with the … [Read more...]

Thursday's Thought

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss … [Read more...]

Wasted Beauty

Wasted beauty

Like a dog with a bone, I've been racing through Eric Bogosian's three novels and raving about them on this blog. The first one I came across was his most recent, Perforated Heart, while the second one I read was Mall. Sandwiched in between these two, he wrote Wasted Beauty (2005).   All three novels focus on American culture, and I think it's safe to say it's a fairly scathing perspective. Or as Hillary Frey says, "this is the stuff of ugly … [Read more...]

On (not) educating other people's children

I'm at Jiu Jitsu with my one-year-old and we're watching and waiting for my 6-year-old to finish her class when bounding-in for the next class come a sibling pair aged 5 and 7. They immediately approach me (as us Moms know, babies attract the hoards!) and start ogling and asking questions: "What's he doing?" and "Can he walk?" and "Does he have teeth?" but "Can he talk?" Their interest is so genuine, so adorable.   Then out of the blue, the … [Read more...]

Design freebies @ The Small Object


So there is this girl named Sarah and she makes these great little small objects. No, I don't know her. But you know how the internet is like that -- I just stumbled upon her -- and what a treasure of talent she is! Her company is called The Small Object.  She creates absolutely delightful things ... like custom cake toppers for wedding cakes made from wooden clothes pegs...  ... and rubber stamps featuring her own unique illustrations (my … [Read more...]

Thursday's Thought

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The Final Four

If the initials SYTYCD mean nothing to you, then move along. I won't be offended (just this once). As for the rest of you fellow So You Think You Can Dance Addicts ... well, our season is now coming to an end. Here's what I'll miss: Brandon's dancing. That boy is an absolute machine. I mean, really! He has not missed one step the entire show -- completely flawless technically and performance-level too. Just a pleasure to watch. Mia Michaels … [Read more...]



As you might have guessed, I gave up on Edward. He and his little Twilight entourage did nothing for me. I felt bad just dumping him, especially when he was supposed to be so sexy and all. But, hey, c'est la vie. Us middle-aged women don't have a whole lot of time to waste. So, I've moved on to Eric. As in Eric Bogosian. If you clicked on that link, well, there's no denying that he's no pretty boy like Edward. But his mind is deep. And dark. … [Read more...]

Writerly happenings

Writers are always on the hunt for ways to improve their craft, and I'm no different. I'm always sniffing around for new ideas, new initiatives, new ways to learn. At BOLO the other night, I overheard a number of bloggers mention that they were writers as a day-time gig (alot of fellow corporate communicators) as well as some stay-at-home-moms who said that they aspire to be writers. So, I thought that I'd share some interesting writerly … [Read more...]

Robson Rambling: A Recap

Berg Lake

  My "baby" brother Adam (he's 26) saved me from some expensive life insurance after I posted "His Next Great Adventure." The four of them were not, in fact, climbing Mount Robson, but instead were hiking Berg Lake Trail. They are all back safe & sound now, and thrilled with their adventure-filled time together. Even though Adam is supposed to be sweating it out on some kind of graduate computer-y thesis-y thing, I badgered him into … [Read more...]