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One last housecleaning item

Dear readers, Thanks so much for your encouragement and I am really looking forward to sharing my new blog design with you! There is one last housecleaning item to take care of though so that I don't lose you. If you've been reading my blog via, could you please update that to Also, if you're a subscriber, don't forget to update the RSS feed link! And if you haven't subscribed -- come on, … [Read more...]

And the winner of NAC tickets is …

I used to have one of the names be virtually pulled out of a hat and the winner is ... Pam! Congrats Pam! You now have two tickets to the NAC's production of Mozart's Final Piano Concerto -- Beyond the Score. (I'll email you directly with details.) So, as my "date" Andrea said her blog, a peek inside the fishbowl: LET'S HERE IT FOR A CLASSY NIGHT OUT! (To further whet your appetite, you can also read what Andrea wrote about the … [Read more...]

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fairies

I'm gonna get me some fairies!

My daughter's tastes are what many refer to as "tomboy." She has never taken to playing with dolls of any sort, never cared for the colour pink and couldn't care less what she's wearing as long as she's allowed to play in the mud with it. My husband and I have always chosen to just go with the flow, and let her play with whatever she likes, however she likes. So it's never been an issue at home. And socially, it's never been an issue either … [Read more...]

Beyond the Brown Exterior (hint: NAC ticket giveaway!)

Beyond the blah-brown exterior of our country's National Arts Centre is a vibrant group of employees, volunteers and an ever-evolving programme of theatre, music and dance. Don't believe me? Well, here's proof for you: their marketing department has a cyber-marketing division. How hip is that?   This same cyber-marketing division is hosting a "Blogger Night" at the NAC on Wednesday, September 30th. By a Blogger Night, I gather that they're … [Read more...]

I'm still here, are you?

I started this blog in June. Within 2 weeks, I was an addict. My head is always spinning about, thinking about potential blog posts and ruminating about other people's posts. I just love how the blogosphere keeps my mind a-buzzin'. Most of all, I love the fact that people actually come here, read my words and take the time to comment. Oh, I love, love, love that! Not sure why, but if you want, you can pay a therapist to figure out why I need … [Read more...]

4 Ingredients — episode 3

Ah, wondering why I've tried another recipe so soon after the last one? I know, it's out of character but hubby's away. And while hubby's away, this wife must cook. Well, okay, not really -- he did leave two meals for me in the freezer. And I admit to ordering in pizza last night. But tonight, those chicken breasts sitting in the fridge gave me the guilts. As in, "if you don't cook me tonight, you're throwing good money into the garbage!" So, … [Read more...]

This was our 'dirty'


Looking back, I can see why my parents continued to fork over what was a considerable sum of money so that I could keep up with my dance classes. I still have no idea how they managed to afford it since I find two children's activities costly, and they had four. But they did. Somehow. Sure, they knew I loved it. And I begged to take as many classes as could humanly be squeezed into a highschooler's schedule. Only now, as a parent myself, do I … [Read more...]

4 Ingredients — episode 2

It's okay, you're forgiven for thinking that I'd given up (again!) on the idea of teaching myself how to not suck at cooking. My first post on this topic sparked comments from readers that reassured me that I am not the only female lacking in such talent. Instead of mocking me, these lovely folks were sympathetic and encouraging. This propped me back up because despite it being an age of so-called gender equality, people do tend to go on and on … [Read more...]

Overheard at the bus stop

Father:  "That used to be Mommy's church." Son: "You mean she owned it?!" … [Read more...]

According to plan

I had a great day planned out for yesterday. It's been 7 months since I've returned to Canada from Australia and in all that time, I still haven't had a playdate with just me, my 14-month-old son, my sister-in-law and her 17-month-old son. While we were in separate countries, we both gave birth to boys -- cousins! -- just a few months apart. This kind of playdate is exactly what I pined for during moments of homesickness in Australia. Somehow … [Read more...]

Glee-ful reminder!


Don't forget -- there's something good on the tube tonight! Check out Glee. It premieres tonight on Fox at 9/8c. Edited at 10:05 pm to add: Did you like the premiere as much as the pilot? When I watched the pilot, it seemed so fresh, so hilarious. But the premiere, not so much. … [Read more...]

SIGG: not so super, afterall?

We've been using Sigg bottles for ages. And that really says something, since we don't spend our money lightly on fads. We're talking $30 for a water bottle to put in a child's lunch box. When there's a plastic alternative that's less than $5, we've clearly drawn a line in the sand. Why? It's enviro-friendly not to be constantly purchasing plastic water bottles all the time. Sigg bottles are also extremely tough and survive even the worst … [Read more...]

Food for Thought

My husband never fails to be disappointed with the produce from our local grocery store. Well, to be fair, it's not just our local store -- it's any grocery store. After dinner, he'll look longingly at some peaches he picked up that day at the store. He'll pick one up, roll it around in his hand, maybe even give it a sniff. Then he'll sink his teeth into it. "Ugh," he'll pronounce, then put it down and push it aside in disgust. "It looked … [Read more...]

Don't stop believin'!

I'd given up television. On the one hand, we have the serial dramas. But I just don't think it's good for a person's psyche to become immune to watching murders in slow-motion, detailed autopsies and horrific abuse of children night after night after night after night after night. Okay, you get my drift. On the other hand, we have reality-television serials. I've noticed a slew of new ones added to the stock standards of "American … [Read more...]

Would your husband notice?

In More magazine's September issue, a writer gets her face pumped up with injectable filler and bets that her husband won't notice. Or at least she hopes, since he's philosophically against these kind of "youthenizer" treatments. Her article "Is my epidermis showing?" reads a bit like a sad commentary on modern family life. When her husband arrives home after work, she's on pins and needles wondering if he is going to notice. Instead: He comes … [Read more...]

Awesome autumn daytrip

Pssst! Got kids? Then you won't want to miss out on this awesome autumn roadtrip. It's an easy daytrip -- or an overnighter, if you please -- so pack up some roadtrip snacks and get the kids ready! Pick up a copy of this Saturday's Ottawa Citizen (Travel section) to get the details. … [Read more...]

Letter from South Korea: Part 2

A Street-view

In my first "Letter from South Korea," we covered off the basics of who, what, when and why Meaghan Harrison chose to leave Canada and teach English overseas. Now, in Part 2, we can learn a bit more about this experience on a personal level.       You’ve been in South Korea for six months now … what’s been the most challenging aspect so far?   The most challenging is just the day-to-day life. The majority of Koreans don't know English, so … [Read more...]