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Saguenay Series, Part 1: It seemed like a good idea at the time

Mountain climbing. July 2010.

Once upon a time, I was an adventurous girl. I travelled with a backpack, I slept in forests unknown, and brought big souvenirs home from countries that I loved (my hubby!). I look back at photos from those times and I don't recognize that girl at all. Not one bit. If I look around, I can see that most of my fellow adventure seekers from that era have also mellowed out considerably too. I guess it's simply the passing of time, I suppose. But a … [Read more...]

The Dreams We Have For Our Children

I overheard this conversation last night: Father #1: My kids are going to be on the Yearbook Club. For sure. Father #2: Oh, were you on the Yearbook Club when you were in high school? Father #1: God no! That was for losers. Me: *laughing hysterically* … [Read more...]

Like a girl


I grew up in a household that did not tend abide by gender stereotypes. Both of my parents pursued careers. But both of my parents also spent time at home as full-time caregivers. In some ways, I was aware that not all households were like this. That not all Dads took their girls outside to learn to throw a ball properly. And that not all Moms gave their girls Adventure People instead of Barbies. But in many ways, I was oblivious. I think the … [Read more...]

A Conversation with my Grandmother

  Me:  Hi Gram! I got a new car! Gram: Oh, that is good, dear. What colour is it? Me: Black. Gram: *crickets* Me: You don't like black? Gram: No. I don't like black or green. Me: Really? Those are my two absolute favourite colours. Gram: I like red. Me: Yes, Mom has a nice red colour car, doesn't she? Gram: *crickets* Me: What, you don't like the colour of her car, either? Gram: No. I like FIRE ENGINE red. I … [Read more...]

Twas the night before birthday

'Twas the night before birthday, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (okay, maybe a fruit fly or two). The tent was hung in the backyard with care, In hopes that St. Birthday Fairy soon would be there; The child and her father were nestled all snug in their sacks, While visions of Pokémon and DS games danced in her head. Now mama was draped in her flannel pjamas, And had just settled down … [Read more...]

Geocaching: All Who Wander Are Not Lost

This is a guest post by Julie Henning, Feed Me Editor, Road Trips for Families. You can check out yesterday's post for an intro to Julie and the other travel bloggers I met at BlogHer. Please join in me giving her a warm welcome to our little coffee spot! ********************* All Who Wander Are Not Lost! Kids today are “high tech.” Gaming, cell phones, and texting (OMG, LOL).  Heck, sometimes we use email to communicate, even though we’re … [Read more...]

School for Bloggers: Some fellow travel bloggers I’d like you to meet! (#BlogHer10)

Julie Henner

I'm really thrilled to be hosting a guest post tomorrow by Julie Henning of Road Trips for Families! But let me back up a little in order to introduce her ... While I was at BlogHer, there were "Birds of a Feather" lunches that we could join. I dropped into a seat at the "travel" table and met some really cool women who run really clever blogs. These included (and please let me know if I've forgotten someone!): Traci from Go BIG or … [Read more...]

School for Bloggers: The mandatory BlogHer recap post that never happened. And won’t. (#BlogHer10)

Here is Andrea in one of a number of fun art installations that took place on the Voices of the Year Gala evening. She doesn't like being in photos, which is silly since she has supermodel cheekbones but I don't think she'll mind this one because it's blurry -- and cute too!

So. BlogHer. I know, I know. I'm supposed to do a recap of my experience -- what was great, what was not so great, which blogger idols I met and what swag I lugged back. But I'm not going to. I just didn't have time this week and now I don't feel like it. Plus, it's totally unnecessary, since some fabulous writers have already done great recaps. So I'll share a few of those with you instead. First, I'll point you towards the recaps written … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: A Boy’s Life

So many cars, so little time

[Read more...]

BlogHer Swag: baby & toddler giveaway packages

mother and baby giveaway

Edited to Add: The New Mother & Baby package had a total of 5 entries and the winner via was Tracy! The winner of the Toddler package had a total of 14 entries and the winner via was Judy! Congrats to you both and thanks to you all for participating in the fun! I got back from the BlogHer conference in New York City late last night and I'm still processing everything -- it was non-stop activity from morning until … [Read more...]

School for Bloggers: I don’t see sleep anywhere on this BlogHer agenda (#BlogHer10)

I started up this blog just over a year ago as an outlet for personal writing -- the kind of writing that doesn't take place during my work day in corporate communications. I envisioned it as my own little creative and social sandbox for my free time. But what I didn't realize then was just how much I would enjoy playing in this sandbox. And I think the reason I love being in this space so much is because it's a constant learning joy ride. I … [Read more...]

Postcard from Bar Harbor, Maine: Humans and the creatures they love


While in Bar Harbor, I took in a tourist attraction to see a much-loved creature. "I stood shuffling nervously. Nervous because I really wanted a lucky glimpse of the creature and also, because I hoped that the motion-sickness pills I had gulped down would work." The experience left me wondering about the finicky nature of human love ... Please click here to read the full piece as featured in the e-zine Life As A Human. … [Read more...]