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Dear Convenience Food Marketers


Dear Junkfood Convenience Food Marketers, In this economy, I feel it is my duty to provide you with some valuable feedback that can help you cut your costs. You see, I've noticed some changes to your packaging. Lately it includes copy intended to market to someone looking for a healthy meal. Consider the following two standard favourites: Kraft Dinner Original and Chef Boyardee Ravioli. The Kraft Dinner package is now sporting a substational … [Read more...]

My own personal BOLO

As I drove home from Blog Out Loud Ottawa, I had the summer wind whipping through the car and the music on high. And something strange happened; I started to cry. But it wasn't a bad cry. It was a good cry, if you know what I mean. I think it was a release of sorts. Because, truth be told, I've had a tough time adapting to life back in Ottawa after a year away in Australia. It's something I don't dare to say out loud, for fear of offending my … [Read more...]

Out of the mouths of babes.

Me:  So ... did you hear Mommy on the radio yesterday? 6-year-old Daughter: Well, yes I did. But I didn't recognize your voice. Me: Yes, people can sound different on the radio. I think it's because of the microphones. 6-year-old Daughter: Oh, I see. It really didn't sound like you at all. Because I heard the voice of a really calm lady. … [Read more...]

All In A Day

Okay, now it's my turn to panic! All In A Day called (you know, CBC's afternoon radio show) and asked if I would come in to be interviewed on the show to talk about Blog Out Loud Ottawa. I love All In A Day, so I swooned and said 'yes' immediately. Here's how the show is described on their site: All In A Day is Ottawa’s number one afternoon drive program, not surprising considering that CBC Radio One 91.5 is Ottawa’s number one radio station. … [Read more...]

Let's Panic!

Oh my! I can barely write I am laughing so hard at this new website launched by mommy-blogger Alice Bradley of Finslippy fame, and her co-hort in tongue-in-cheek-crime Eden Kennedy. Although I'd seen Bradley before from Momversations, I hadn't come across Kennedy as of yet. You can immediately get a feel for Kennedy's humour style though by visiting her blog yogabeans, where her son's action figures demonstrate ashtanga yoga. These two women … [Read more...]

You know you're not the next Martha when …

...before your husband leaves on a trip he fills the fridge and stocks the freezer with casseroles. If I'm lucky he'll leave me a little stash of cash and some take-out menus too. We don't want the children to get scurvy now, do we? … [Read more...]

His next great adventure


People who meet us now, after 12 years of marriage, invariably like to say, "Opposites attract!" But it wasn't always this way. When we first met, we both shared a love of nature. Not a love from afar, a love that compelled us to trek deep into its midst. As far as we could go, to places where you really felt no other human had ever stepped before. The peace. The quiet. The conquest. My husband's thirst for adventure has only continued to … [Read more...]

Sweet Spot

raw sugar button

Looking for a sweet spot to just hang out and have a coffee? Or perhaps you'd like a coffee but your partner for the afternoon would rather a cold beer?  Well, hello Raw Sugar cafe! In the way that Ottawa is always such a funny, small-world-sort-of-place, I told my neighbour Kim that I'd be reading at BOLO (Blog Out Loud Ottawa), being hosted at the new(ish) Raw Sugar. She then pointed me to an article written by her sister, Shannon Beahen, on … [Read more...]

I'm going to blog out loud

Despite being a complete neophyte, Lynn has warmly welcomed me to BOLO 2009 (Blog Out Loud Ottawa). It's an event where a group of Ottawa bloggers and readers get together and, over coffee (my favourite thing!), read/listen to favourite posts. Click on the icon to the right to get all the deets! I've been lurking around in the blogosphere for a while now, so I'm really looking forward to meeting all these awesome Ottawa bloggers in person. If … [Read more...]

The 40-year-old virgin (gets laid)


He can surf, play cricket and kick a footie. But, softball? That’s just not part of an Australian boy’s childhood. And yet, this year, at the friendly urging of a mate, my husband joined a softball team. To them, this group of Canadian men, my husband, the Australian, must seem like an innocuous mascot that they’ve good-naturedly adopted onto the team. My husband, for his part, can’t think of a better way to spend a summer evening than with a … [Read more...]

"Because you're worth it."

L'Oréal's "Because you're worth it," slogan is a great one. As the old saying goes, women, especially mothers, never take time for themselves because they are so busy caring for others. With this slogan, L'Oréal gives you the permission to spend money on yourself, to spend time on yourself. It's a bit of an anthem of sorts, really. Although 'L'Oréal's origin is Paris,  L'Oréal Canada is a strong Canadian business in and of itself. Here are but … [Read more...]

I'm trying, I really am.


Generally, I give a book about 25 pages, maybe 50, to hook me. After that point, I just close it up and move to the next book in my pile. I don't look back. I have piles everywhere -- in the dining room, on my bedside table, in my office. I just can't live without a good book on the go. Emphasis being on good. So when you hear of a book that is impossible to put down, that is racing off the shelves and impossible to get at the library, well, you … [Read more...]

Staycation? Um, no thanks.

I keep hearing about the popularity of the "staycation." The idea is that because of tightened family budgets, we're choosing to stay home instead of travel on our vacation time. I don't know about you, but if I have to sit around my house and look at the do-it-yourself projects we have yet to do and the growing clutter caused by two growing children, well, I'd rather stay at work, thank you very much. Plus, I do work from home so the allure of … [Read more...]

Moms have Power

online mom

More breaking news to add to the "do not host a party where you intentionally hope your children catch an illness of pandemic proportions" that I reported on last night. This time ... okay, are you ready? Here it is: moms have power. Gee, moms rule the nest? Who knew. Okay, in all seriousness, I do think the article is note-worthy even though I already know that I am all-powerful. Here's why: it suggests that online marketers are not tapped … [Read more...]

Swine-flu parties not a good idea

swine party pack

Breaking news from the CanWest News Service: Experts warn that hosting a swine-flu party for your children is NOT a good idea. Geez, NOW they tell me. I spent all last night preparing the kids' goodie bags for this weekend. I guess I can save them for the next pandemic party circuit. In case you choose to ignore the experts, the Pig Party Deluxe Pack shown here is available from Birthday Express! … [Read more...]

Clever Billboard Ads for your Coffee Break


As you know, I love to chat-up Canadian businesses. This morning I came across an awfully cool ad agency via LinkedIn: Revolution Strategy. And no, they're not located in Toronto! Nope, not even in Vancouver. They're out East, in New Brunswick to be precise. How great is that? In fact, they're so cool that I'd even move back East (I was born there, did you know?) from my lovely little spot here in Manotick. [*hint*hint*wink*wink* Ms. … [Read more...]

I Am Canadian

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! … [Read more...]