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The Year’s Jack-o-lantern: Untitled


So, usually, we have some kind of theme running throughout the year. One year it was Pokemons, another year it was the Angler Fish. But this year? Nothing ... nadda. Hubby and I are running on empty (and yet, we are still running at full speed!). The result is that this year's jack-o-latern is .... well, it's called "Untitled." Sometimes life just works out that way, but that doesn't mean it isn't pretty darn good anyhow, right? … [Read more...]

It’s Monday. Let’s do a Giveaway, Shall We? Create A Blurb Photo Book!

Blurb Photo Books Look Gorg!

I suspect that many of you are like me ... with their children's photos sitting around as electronic files on a variety of devices -- phones, tablets, laptops. Digital photography has its reams of benefits, but it makes me cringe just thinking about all the unorganized photos I have hidden in every electronic device I own. … [Read more...]

A Rainy Day at Saunders Farm

@coffeewithjulie Saunders Farm

Saunders Farm is a bit of an "must do" experience in these parts. While our family almost always makes a visit during the Christmas season to pick a tree, the Fall Festival is actually the Farm's most popular time of year. This festival has been running for 21 years and during this season Saunders Farms has up to 165 employees on board to help make it happen. Despite the rainy day, we made the drive out to Saunders Farm yesterday and met up … [Read more...]

What Guidance Would You Give to An Algonquin College Student on Online Identity and Career Advancement?


The last time I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at Algonquin College, I asked you what advice you would give to a student soon to be graduating from the Advertising program. I thought that the comments that came in were really valuable, so I'd like to do a repeat performance. Today, I'll be speaking to a class that is in a business stream (as opposed to a creative stream) in the Advertising and Marketing Communications Management … [Read more...]

School for Bloggers: Vlogging (#BlissdomCA)


There's no formal training to become a blogger. You teach yourself what you can and you learn from other more experienced members of the blogging community. That's why blogging events are such a big deal in our world -- we get to connect with our community in a face-to-face way and we also get to learn more about this crazy craft called blogging. I just attended one of this "big deal" events -- Blissdom Canada -- over the past weekend (I … [Read more...]

Bullying and Rhetoric

Worried Young Woman Using Laptop At Home

Today, I'm a guest blogger over on Annie Urban's PhD in Parenting. Annie and I like each a lot despite butting heads on a number of issues. But that's precisely the point -- we both understand (and have a strong respect for) the importance of debate and discussion. Otherwise, we end up in rhetoric territory. … [Read more...]

Thinking about Breast Cancer Awareness: The Good, the Bad, and the Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And all around us and in my in-box are generous corporations looking to help raise awareness about breast cancer by promoting their pink-coloured products. But wait. Were you not aware that breast cancer existed? Of course you are -- gone are the days, thankfully, when we couldn't speak aloud about "breast" cancer. Were you not aware that corporations were generous? Of course you are -- … [Read more...]

It’s Monday. Let’s Do a Giveaway, Shall We? Win a “My Pretty Playhouse” by Cascades!


A few months ago, our neighbour had a large appliance delivered. The big cardboard box that it came in was brought out for all the kids on the street to play with. Despite having a garage full of fancy ride-on toys and other delights of suburbia, the kids just never tired of the cardboard box! I suppose then that it's no surprise that my kids were so intrigued when the "My Pretty Playhouse" arrived to our house. This playhouse is produced by … [Read more...]

Planning for a Big Boy’s Room

When we moved into this house, we'd promised Stella that we'd decorate her room right away. She was feeling upset about leaving our old home and neighbourhood and we thought that a special room of her own would help. We followed through on that promise and her room is pretty darn cute, if I say so myself. But for Max, a toddler with no real emotional ties to the old house, we simply plunked his existing furniture into the new bedroom. We … [Read more...]

Books for Tweens: The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

The Boy in the Dress

I've been meaning to share some recommendations and reviews on books for tweens ever since I wrote about UNBORED (which will be released next week -- get your copy, it's fantastic!). Instead of the traditional "back-to-school" clothing shopping, I took Stella, my 10-year-old daughter who has no interest in clothing, to the bookstore and let her pick a ton of books. (Hey, I was saving a fortune on clothes, so why not?!) One of these books was … [Read more...]

Day of Me

Birthday Card painted by Hubby

This time last year, I had already completed two whirlwind trips to Toronto as well as a more lengthy stay in New York City, followed by a huge family dinner and celebration. Yep, remember Month of Me? I really lived it up, and enjoyed every minute of it. Last night, Hubby asked what I was going to do for my birthday this year. The answer? Not much. I've booked a vacation day off at work and I think I will sit around and blog and drink coffee … [Read more...]

A Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod from Lowes, Curtains from Tonic Living

Unlike every "reality" television show, I have concluded that unless you are extremely well-heeled, creating a home in a decor that you love takes a very long time. In our old home, I never bothered because we had always planned to reno the place and I didn't want to invest in something only to find it didn't work after the reno. But now, Hubby and I are in agreement that with this home, we will take the time to invest and surround ourselves with … [Read more...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


No, I'm not talking about the Christmas decor slowly seeping into the malls ... I'm talking NOW. Autumn. Fall. And more specifically, October. It is THE most wonderful time of the year. I've always loved the Fall. As a child, this was easy to explain -- it is my birthday after all. As I got older, there was a birthday plus the family gathering of Canadian Thanksgiving. But there's also the crispness that comes in the air. That feeling of … [Read more...]